The two parties reach an impasse in discussions over the hosting fee, together with f-1 apparently reluctant to back down and reduce its price.

Though there is no firm deadline to get a contract to be signed up, traditionally employs the British GP race weekend to establish a marketing effort for the following calendar year, giving it 1-2 months to sell tickets.

“Whether it’s at or not is another issue. We need a and we want to Discover a solution with .

“But we’re differing in our perspectives of what’so reasonable and what’s perhaps maybe not. We’re not just a enormous amount apart, but it’s bothersome that people can not find a solution.

“However racing in the UK is essential to us obviously has been the home of the grandprix for the past couple of decades.

“But most of us may remember it being held at Brands Hatch plus it didn’t seem that strange we had a race at Brands Hatch annually and the next.

Asked by if f-1 still had ambitions in London from the light of this statement of this Docklands Formula-E race, Brawn confessed it was still on the schedule. Nevertheless he implied that such a race will be an accession to this calendar.

“you can find several tracks in the UK as you know. I think there’SA place for both.

“I don’t presume it’s viable to own a London race in the exact middle of London, regrettably, just the madness and impact it could have been overly severe.

“But on the peripheries of London that there are quite a few areas which my do the job. I believe the question is still open. I don’t think of necessity that London will replace with the , however would be described as a London Grand Prix.

“We have to give it perspective,” he said. “Should you think of the ones who have revived in the last year or 18 months, and obviously we’ve done Vietnam that’s just a completely brand new one. A whole good deal of races have revived and there is a constant churn going on, they’re not all coordinated.

“However it’therefore true we’ve got a set of races, which are essential to Formula 1, so they all are ancient races, they’re part of this foundation of Formula 1, so we mightn’t desire to lose them without a struggle.

“And we’ll try to locate solutions. But you know, promoters’ circumstances changed, and also you can’t always adapt those changes.

“you understand the situation in [where local government funding has been withdrawn], it is a challenging situation .

“That’s something which we did not make, and we’re trying to adapt, but also we now have to be fair to the other promoters and one different circuits about the total amount it costs to put on a Formula 1 race.

“Therefore I presume there will be solutions, however we’ll all must work really hard to find them. But they’re important races, and they’re historic core of Formula 1, thus we’ll be trying very tough to find a solution.