A break down of this San Francisco 49ers’ 20-19 freeagent signings.

Kwon Alexander, Linebacker

The Sanfrancisco 49ers consented to sign Alexander into a four-year deal value around $54 million on Monday. Here’s a closer look at the linebacker who spent the previous 4 seasons together with all the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

What this means: That is actually the 49ers’ final penance for the swing and a miss that has been drafting in the first round in 20 17. Re-leasing Foster — the day that they played the Buccaneers in November — created a gigantic gap at Weakside linebacker along side Fred Warner. In order to fill that area, a posture the Niners definitely appreciate in their scheme, the Niners had to fork over a lot of money for Alexander hoping he is able to be Warner’s running partner for the long term.

What’therefore the risk: Alexander is coming from a torn ACL that limited him to six games in 2018 and although he’s expected to be back to full strength for this year , he weighs just 227 pounds and it has had previous injury problems. The Niners were attracted to Alexander’s athleticism and comparative youth (he’s only 2-4 ) but this is a great deal of money for a new person that has played 12 games in a season just once in his four seasons.


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