As the standard portion of the season is coming to an end, it’s time for the date and place of their 8th Final 4 of the SEHA — Gazprom League to become known. In 2013 ’s Final 4 tournament will be held in BrestRepublic of Belarus, on 2nd and 3rd of April. Brest will, for the next period in SEHA background, host four best teams and go through the most useful what regional hand-ball has to offer you. 

Together with the club Meshkov Brest, SEHA will once again arrange a magnificent event filled with great hand-ball moments, that may serve as an awesome variant into the millennial birthday of the city of Brest. 

“It’s our great joy to, yet again, organize Final 4 along with the Club Meshkov Brest and also we are sure that the Final 4 will soon be yet another unforgettable experience for club Meshkov Brest, city of Brest, fans and Belarusian hand-ball in general. Meshkov Brest are regular participants of the Final 4 tournament and so they deserve to bring the most useful of regional hand-ball to the city and country. We’re thrilled that our 8th Final 4 will occur in Brest and now then that we’ll be a part of the millennial fiesta of the city of Brest”, stated Sinisa Ostoic, managing director of SEHA — Gazprom League.

“SEHA Final 4 Brest is an excellent gift focused on the millennium anniversary of Brest to most of the residents of the city. For our team, our city and the united states it’s a terrific honor to host this kind of highlevel global contest. Two years before, the team direction demonstrated its elevated potential in hosting the SEHA Final 4 and also enjoyed a lesser-known recognition by both SEHA League management and the an Federation. In terms of the competitive element, our team is a regular participant of the SEHA Final 4. I do hope that in the forthcoming home of the SEHA Final 4 tournament we’ll be in a position to create joy to our own fans and also acquire the most prestigious decoration. We’re convinced it’s certainly likely to be a tremendous sporting event”, stated Pavel Bashkin, sports manager of Club Meshkov Brest.

All interested parties will be informed appropriately about the start of media accreditation, playing broadcast and schedule of the Final 4 tournament.


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