World are well prepared to become more flexible on the format of their suggested Nations Championship after resistance from players, unions and clubs.

Plans for the tournament comprise end-of-year semifinals and a final.

This usually means the finalists would play five weekends in a row, that has been ardently opposed on welfare grounds by the international players’ marriage.

However, it’s understood taking away the semi-final stage will be mooted in Thursday’s crisis meeting in Dublin.

Agents from all of TierOne countries, along with Fiji, Japan and also International Rugby Players, will collect this week in the Irish funds to get a Crucial summit.

It comes following the English Premiership and the French clubs released a statement detailing their dissatisfaction about being excluded from the talks, and also how the new proposals contravene the binding San Francisco agreement of two decades back.

“The expert leagues now seem to be excluded from this new work, even though the World project would be a major shift to the san francisco bay area agreement for many elements of the game that is professional, and impact other competitions”

PRL and LNR have also vaguely threatened legal action to safeguard their position.

“LNR and PRL regret that World is not fully involving all stakeholders in trying a consensus plus they can only reserve the choice to take some action to sustain their rights and contests,” the announcement added.

The clubs are also concerned about the prospect of a five-week international block, some thing”that have been specifically rejected for based annual international contests”.

However, if the semi-final period of the Nations Championship was removed, the most number of games a team would play in the autumn block would be – with a highest total of 12 within the duration of year.

This would be less compared to many international sides play now, together with many unions frequently gearing’out-of-window’ Tests to boost profits.

Besides the issues around player welfare, the six-nations unions still will need to be convinced on whether to adopt promotion and relegation.

However, both England manager and Italy manager Conor O’Shea have lent their support to the idea over the last few days.

As stated by the Welsh Union chairman Gareth Davies, marriage is at its”hardest and energetic time considering that the game went professional in 1995″.

With this in mind, Thursday’s meeting promises to be one among the most essential of its kind lately.


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