Based on police records, McGregor was booked into custody about seven p.m. Monday night on charges of felony robbery/strongarm and misdemeanor criminal mischief.

His bond was set at $12,500 for the 2 separate charges.

The arrest report initially published by the Miami Herald claims that McGregor was departing the hotel at which the LIV nightclub can be found approximately 5 a.m. and the buff was walking alongside him when he first attempted to take a photo of the superstar. 

McGregor allegedly staged the telephone out of this fan’s hands and then stomped about it several days to destroy it.

The report claims that McGregor then supposedly found the telephone and walked away with it. The telephone was valued at more than 1,000, that will be noted in the criminal mischief charge where land damage exceeds $1,000.

The whole incident was captured on surveillance footage, which finally led detectives to McGregor where he was arrested for the offense.

McGregor has been in Florida on a break while also preparing for his return to the at a certain point in 2019. The Irishman only recently completed community service in after he attacked a bus April that also landed him in prison until he finally pled down to a single charge of disorderly conduct.

As of this time of this novel, McGregor remains in custody before he could post bond.


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