Knicks owner James Dolan stated the fan who confronted him and told him to”sell the team” after ’s loss to the Sacramento Kings on Saturday has been barred from .

About”The Michael Kay Show” on 1050 on Tuesday, Dolan called the confrontation an”ambush” and stated the enthusiast sold the video to TMZ.

“The banning is only coming from the simple fact that we finally have learned that he planned it,” Dolan said. “They were stalking me. You can not do that in . You are not permitted to stem the proprietor and confront him .

“Those distinct guys had intended on making that video and attempting to sell it about TMZ.”

The exchange began once the fan cried at Dolan to”sell the team” as he was walking right into the tube. The billionaire stopped and responded,”So you think I have to sell the team?” And waved the fan over.

“you intend to not arrive at some more games?” Dolan inquired, adding that the enthusiast remark was impolite.

After the fan protested by saying he was simply stating his opinion, Dolan answered:”No, it’s not an opinion. And you know what, like watching them on television.”

Dolan then pointed to this fan and nodded toward security, who educated that the fan to be hauled. TMZ reported security and police questioned the man before requesting him to leave the stadium.

Dolan said Tuesday he had originally intended inviting back the fan and letting him meet with the team at an effort to show him that the franchise has been headed in a good way. But he stated, that changed when it”became evident that the whole lot was intended “

Dolan also addressed rumors that he had been considering selling the team.

“For the record, I’m not attempting to sell the team and I am not stopping,” Dolan said.