The following season will probably be Giorgio’s 50th year in the game — having covered 800 GPs, he’therefore one of the greatest serving journalists to ever grace the F1 paddock. Thus giving him a exceptional insight into the everchanging landscape of the game and perhapseven moreover, an uninterrupted vision of this physical transformation the cars have experienced.

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Even the M23’therefore life span, similar to most cars of the age, actually stretched across four decades and proceeded to function customer teams for still yet another season still. It placed drivers on the podium no more than 38 times and led to 16 victories, as the car was extensively modified during the early ’70s.

The 1973 season showed that the car had everything it took to win, documenting three race successes, however it was the coming of 1972 world champion Fittipaldi whorsquo;d left Lotus to join its ranks, which made the difference. Additionally, this included a brand new sponsorship deal from Texaco and Marlboro that fortified his budget made life difficult with current sponsor Yardley.

To placate all of them, ran three cars all over 1974, with Mike Hailwood, David Hobbs and Jochen Mass all taking their turn at the wheel of the Yardley entry, while Fittipaldi and Denny Hulme drove off the Texaco-Marlboro entrances.

Perhaps the most fascinating and maybe over looked aspect of this 1974 season was the evolution battle that raged on between and .

Join us as we take a look through these changes thanks to this incredible record of drawings created by Giorgio throughout this period of time. A feat which has been made much simpler back with teams a whole lot more receptive, even devoting Piola space and time inside their garages for him to shoot photographs and sketch on the various facets of the cars, as can be found below.

Giorgio Piola with Alain Prost, McLaren MP4/2 car at 1984 Brazilian GP




M23 back suspension

McLaren M23 rear suspension

1/ / 7

One of these back suspension anti-dive options that had open to them throughout 1974. The principal image was a solution employed by Mike Hailwood, more often than not, as the low left noodle provided still yet another alternative as well as the low right inset shows the adjustability in the lower pickup stage.

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Named on account of the nosebox sections distinctive contour, it importantly gained a wider wingspan, increasing front end down force. The flag winglets mounted on the forward region of the wing and also highlighted in the image above were a novelty for though and didn’t comprise at both of the other races.

M23 exemplary back wing

McLaren M23 experimental rear wing

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The team tested an experimental low-slung back wing in Belgium, France and .

M23 airbox on engine

McLaren M23 airbox on engine

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The revised coil trumpet layout coincided with a fresh engine cover and tall air-box design that Fittipaldi original trialled at the GP.

M23 front suspension and brake duct

McLaren M23 front suspension and brake duct

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A fresh, much largerfront brake duct has been fitted to the M23 in Zandvoort, as the team looked to increase heating.

6/ / 7

re designed the bullet-style air-box in Dijon, taking advantage of the today narrower air-box collector and toaster trumpets.


The team revised its suspension design later in the summer, embracing twin parallel links, instead of the triangular hbone formerly plotted. Having seen the in-board pick-up points fail in round 10, Brands Hatch, the team looked with stronger Magnesium pick-up points at the next round in .

In an infusion from AUTOSPORT, from September 1 9, 1974, Hulme gave an incredible insight to how Emerson Fittipaldi’so advent, test regime and ongoing setup work had awarded him the advantage. Imagine a motorist saying this about his group and teammate now …

“In the conclusion of 1973 if made a decision to sign up Emersonhe said that he wanted lots of experience inside the auto and as the team was very happy to have him to accomplish all of the testing. I moved home to New Zealand and left Emerson to carry on with the sorting in Paul Ricard along with various different circuits. Hence I’d nothing to do with the’74 model of the car. The first time that I drove was in Argentina.

“As you know, I won up there and there and the car performed very well in the race. Argentina is a particularly smooth form of a circuit and the car was excellent in the corners and maybe perhaps not so good in the fast ones. But before the race that I adjusted the front wings and the car didn’t understeer so much in the massive fast corners down the back . One by one I passed everybody until I arrived in second position. Then, clearly, Carlos [Reutemann] struck his lousy fortune, however for me personally it was a very great race.

“Then we moved onto Sao Paulo and and also there the car was the terrible thing I have ever driven. It was really a lousy car. I really couldn’t know why I was so much slower than everyone. I feel some of it was a result of just how the car was set up, because Emerson had left all the evaluations, and some of it was a result of the issuer and also the way that they were still working.

“In South Africa from the that it felt pretty great and that I thought I’d go considerably quicker. We actually altered the vehicle and forced it into a moderate wheelbase set-up as opposed to presenting The long-wheelbase structure. We’d been extremely rapid the season before with the exact identical set-up. Well, we had a lot of issues and in desperation the evening prior to the race we simply changed the car completely. We moved back to the lengthy wheel-base, shifted the nose, etc.. Throughout the race unofficial clinic the car felt quite good and that I expected to have a good chance of a outcome. Throughout the race, howeverit wasn’t to be. The car understeered and oversteered, with lots of vibrations out of the tyres and many different activities.

“In Jarama I had been quite satisfied with the car. At long last we’d had enough training time and the tty circuit was consistent enough for me personally to create the changes and discover the direction in which to proceed. Before, the M23 was set up quite as Emerson had wanted and, obviouslyhe has some completely different practices. I have always been blessed to have driven in teams, for example Brabham for instance where nevertheless Jack place up the automobile, I could drive it.

“When Revson stumbled on he could drive my car and that I will drive . Now, for Emersonhe has very different ideas and techniques. He likes to drive it on the throttle with an tyres slipping, where as I’d sooner have it slightly understeering. Hence the contrast is completely different.

“Following the Grand Prix I sensed somewhat happier having adapted to the newest car. Maybe I should have done some of this testing, however I was enjoying my holidays! Since that time, however, I have been scratching around in midfield with an automobile which features lots of issues. We’d tyre vibrations in various occasions and that I have not finished where I believe I should have finished.

“for many reason I have come across various cars during the race which I have been able to get by. I can pedal much faster than them but that I have not got the essential edge in traffic. So it doesn’t let me overtake without putting myself in a very dangerous position. I believe I’ve been around racing long enough to learn when it’so better to cool away and finish than wind up in a heap of crap at the side of the race trail.

“I felt very’happy with the car at Dijon. To me personally it was working very well, probably better than every other car on the trail, however I needed a clear path every lap to make almost any upwards advancement. I’d elected to run a great deal of wing on the rear once again to get the essential rate on the pit straight. But once I got halfway down the directly the wing of route turned into a issue.

“The M23 has, obviously, changed throughout the calendar year, even though it’s difficult for me to explain. At Brands Hatch we’d still yet another revised car – the exact identical chassis but with different suspension.

Their car was excellent on odd occasions. They are a one-man band, so they concentrate solely on Mike’therefore car, where as using just two cars in a team like people, you must split your attentions between what Emerson has and I have. This creates certain issues.

“Emerson is obviously the main. He’s near the surface of the whole world championship and the usual things appear to happen, ” I don’t have the T-car when I need to. They sit and wait patiently for Emerson and every time that I drive Emerson’s car I believe it’s a bucket of shit. I can’t drive the way he drives thus Emerson’s T-car is truly no good for mepersonally.

“The other afternoon I drove Emerson’therefore car, it certainly was dreadful in comparison with my car. I actually require a T-car where as I don’t possess a T-car, Mike comes with a T-car and that I have nothing. I get that which Emerson’s left . In terms of the anti-squat issues we’t struck, this stems straight from the fact that I understand what annoys I would like. But this season I have not tested at all with Goodyears, si I have not locate a tyre that I really prefer. Lotus, Emerson and Jody have completed the testing. I have always stated that with the M23 we must not muck around with the front tyres however enhance the rears, but I seem the only one to feel that this need.

“through the season Goodyear consistently improved front car and that I can’t drive with an oversteering car. I would like better back tyres. Therefore, since the car was oversteering all the time, we needed to do something positive about the anti-squat characteristics. We placed around the anti-squat and, like mepersonally, it made no difference if it was”up” or”down.”

“The issues still existed so my car gets got the radius arm in the appropriate designed position. I have not ever raised mine”up” all through the season, where as Emerson and Mike have had it”up” or”down” almost all of the time. I could never tell the difference’when it was”up” or”down” so that I left it in the normal spot at Zandvoort and because I was a bit faster, they shifted Emerson’s car for my own settings. From then forward we have done away with all this anti-squat.

“Throughout this calendar year, at exactly same circuits, I tried the short-wheelbase set-up while in others I chose to try the long one. Emerson had stated that during testing, the long-wheelbase was down the straight. The reason why the car’s faster is as the wing is further from the motor, and so maybe the air is thinner within the wing. This is the only reason why we run the long-wheelbase set-up.

“” I think that today Goodyear have produced a greater back tyre, the front is probably fine. I believe that is what the major change has been around because I screamed at most of them at first of the season to modify the front tyres which were then perfectly good for . Niki enjoyed it. Subsequently around Zandvoort, I discovered the tyre which I said has been”brilliant ” Niki enjoyed it too. It was a smaller diameter. Now everyone else has return to this smaller front which they certainly were going away from! Now, after , I am very happy with the automobile ”

Denny Hulme, McLaren rides back to the pits on the sidepod

Denny Hulme, adheres back to the pits on the sidepod

And have a look at how young Giorgio looks in this photo as he interviews Hulme about that age!

Giorgio Piola with Denny Hulme

Giorgio Piola with Denny Hulme

Over the course of the upcoming few seasons the couple could fight tooth and nail for over championship names, as the motorist and development coicts continued to rage.

In actuality, while preparing this particular article he remembered a fantastic anecdote of if he was stood at the garagewithin earshot of technical director Mauro Forghieri and quipped about the way he desired the might get some of its back bodywork damaged out on track in order it had been removed if it came back. Knowing that Piola wanted to replicate the petroleum tank which has been buried under, Forghieri instantly called over among those mechanics asked him to eliminate the body panel in order that Piola could get what he needed. Various times, really.

You can now have a piece with this story too, as a selection of posters showing off Giorgio Piola’s most magnificent illustrations have been provided for you to have. The 312B3-74 out of this set is the complete car cut away, which required approximately 30 40 days to accomplish during the moment, such is the depth of detail about offer: