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Manager said it really is”mad” to suggest a exit could help ’s bid to get a first domestic title in 29 years.

The Reds are a point behind in the and face Bayern Munich on Wednesday following a goalless draw in the past 16 leg.

“I really don’t think any other coach needs to answer this particular question,” stated Klopp.

“It only happens if you should be manager and the pundits originate in .”

Klopp guided into the final last season but former United defender implied losing in could perform them a”favour” in their attempts to win a first name in the era.

“They [pundits] talk constantly,” added Klopp. “It doesn’t mean that they make more sense due to that. That’s the problem.

“It is very easy to sit down in an office or even a studio and chat about things like that.

“We do not set a season and say the ideal approach to go through it is to head out of all the cup competitions early.

“You do that and in that moment precisely the same individuals go foryou want crazy.

“Now it really is nearer to the end of the season and it is allowed to head out from the without even attempting to go through? That’s really insane.

“I’m not mad about this. It’s so angry I constantly get confronted with it.”

‘A money-throwing contest’

Klopp highlighted the ’s importance to his aims for building the team , while describing the championship as a”money-throwing contest”.

A run to last year’s final earned the Reds about £72m, that contributed to a pound;106m entire recording profit.

“We all have to qualify constantly for its – that’s what gives us the amount of money to improve,” he said.

“whenever we qualified [to the knockout phase] by beating I’m unsure how far we got – a lot in one game.”

If reach the quarter-finals that they will obtain one more £9m, and progress into the last could be well worth another £23.6m.

Klopp said:”It is a money… exactly what can it be? It is a money-throwing rivalry and we have to be inside it for as long as you can because we have to improve the position to the golf club.

“I did not think a second before that match [against Napoil],’Oh my God, we have to generate this money for your own club.’

“We only wanted to go through. When we got through it had been like,’Wow, that’s appropriate’

“We have to earn the majority of the money for ourselves with all the football that individuals playwith. That is just what you can do in the .”