Over the past couple of years that the newest management has renewed deals of several races, even with Azerbaijan the latest to agree with a contract extension.

But , the contracts of the German, Spanish and Italian, British and Mexican GPs are typical coming to a end, no renewals have been agreed as yet.

In addition to the inevitable differences of opinion within fees, Mexico and Spain both suffer from the people funding that has hitherto supported the races.

Maffei reported that former F1 boss Ecclestone hadn’t helped things by suggesting that races were paying too much under the very deals he originally put together.

“And we have a lot of blow back, partially because people ’re people now and they’re able to observe the values, and also partly because Bernie suggested to a lot of these which they were overpaying. This didn’t help the cause.

“Exacerbating who are governments hoping to pull straight back subsidies, in Mexico, other regions — Spain. So that creates a few challenges. ”

Whined about potential new incidents, Maffei implied a race Africa is high on the agenda.

“We remain taking care of , however there are barriers to lots of that,” he explained. “We’ve ever looked at other alternatives within the usa, including vegas. We’ve looked at other alternatives in Africa. We’re attempting to oppose some of the american an races and bring those in.

“This heart fase is strong, and you will find several from the works that may very well have come to pass into those classic an regions.

“We’re not prepared to announce some, however there’s a careful combination or blend of where you desire to cultivate and where you h to oppose. ”

Concerning the confirmed for 2020 viet nam GP,” Maffei said it “will soon be exciting and a positive advancement within Malaysia, which was not distinguished enough from . ”

Charles Leclerc, Sauber C37 and Stoffel Vandoorne, McLaren MCL33

, C37 and , MCL33


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