Do you think this will be Kyle Busch’s last contract? – From Zach

ZachI seriously doubt this would likely be his final contract however I’t worked in this business long enough to understand you never say never. He’s still young and has stated as recently as last weekend at ISM Raceway that he might as well go after 100 Cup Series wins Who Who knows.

Why are the ’s so much behind the Ford’s and ’s in speed and handling, they show a little rate but they cannot keep up a sustained run with the rate and handling to stay up front with the other two auto makers. – From James

Thanks for the query James. I’m sure when I had the answers for the worries because of its Camaro I could name my price and goto work for a team.

Why does allow cup drivers to compete in Xfinity and Truck races,  basically turned into a physician I wouldn’t h to go straight back for being an intern, please explain why mainly Kyle Busch runs in all set? We pay our hard earned cash to view Rising drivers perhaps not cup drivers going backward, a Couple of Weeks ago Kyle won the rush and the tenth place driver got points for this place and not ninth, where he ought to have been that cup motorists get no issues,  please clarify, thanks – From Bobby

Bobby, instituted a rule last season limiting the participation of any driver not registered for this set. Basically Kyle Busch – along with other driver as well with five years experience in the Cup Series- is limited by only running in just seven Xfinity Series and five events. Any Cup driver, irrespective of experience, is not permitted to compete during the playoffs for Xfinity or even . A number of the teams can set host packages together to be able to help finance their Xfinity and Truck programs by having drivers such as Busch engage in events that are limited.

Why is it that Chase Elliott gets a punishment and Kyle Busch doesn’t when he jumps up the line on every restart??? – From Fred

Fred, there’s a difference from the start of a race and also a restart. Per rule 10.5.5 Hurry Start/Restart/Green Flag Section C – At the initial start of race, the quantity two starting position shouldn’t beat the number one starting position into the start/finish line. The beginner of the race also controls the start with all the green flag initial starts. Elliott’s infraction came at the beginning of race and that is why he had been penalized.

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