team principal says he hopes his team to be”pushed to our limits” by this season’s World Championship struggle.

The growing summer season begins with the n Grand Prix on Sunday and also visit Melbourne with signs that were faster in pre season testing.

“Judging from the operation from , it seems like we are going to have proper fight in our hands,” Wolff said.

“However an F1 season isn’t nearly who comes out of these cubes quickest.”

He added that new regulations, specially concerning the design of the front after an attempt by rule makers to make over taking less difficult, will mean that the growing season could be about”that can accommodate best to the rules and also the brand new tyres and all the challenges we might need to perfect during the year”.

“probably the most adaptable and agile team should emerge at the top in 2013,” Wolff said.

“We have shown from the last that we are flexible and fast and that we can manage every curve ball thrown at us. We’re ready for the struggle and look forward to the crazy roller coaster of a fresh F1 season.”

Last year, was the fastest car for much of the growing season but driver Le Hamilton won his fifth world title with just two races to proceed after some errors by his rival along with his team.

“From what we’ve heard so far, this year will probably be tougher. It’s going to push us to our limits – and that’s a fantastic prospect for every one among us.”

First practice begins in Melbourne’s in 01:00 GMT on Friday. There will be live coverage about 5 live Sports Extra and the BBC Sport site.


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