Viscardi Andrade vs. Sergei Martynov
Ilyas Khamzin vs. Oleg Naidenov
Irina Alekseeva vs. Gulnara Garaeva

AL: I will imagine there were a lot of disappointed Derrick Lewis fans on the market this weekend that were expecting to see “The Black Beast” work his customary swangin’ and bangin’ magic. It didn’t even work outside because of him personally , but former welterweight Viscardi Andrade (competing at 185 pounds) did his best belief against Sergei Martynov as well as the outcomes were considerably as pleasing.

JM: Did you know that Viscardi Andrade includes a triumph over Elizeu Zaleski? That is shocking for me believing the way good Zaleski is and how forgettable Andrade’s run in the was.

JM: JM Andrade additionally has reductions to Iuri Alcantara, Leandro Silva, along with Charles Oliveira on his listing so the fact that now he’S-A middleweight despite losing to your bantamweight is truly interesting. Especially since he definitely has major power .

AL: I’m just glad that follow left didn’t even relate. Yeesh.

At 3-5 , we probably won’t even be visiting Andrade in the anytime soon, however when he keeps placing out sparks for example this, he’ll always have a home at MF.

JM: Moving on to more regional Russian violence, how we’ve been doing it quite a while now, what do you say my favourite issue would be, besides a blatant disregard for the rules?

AL: I don’t even understand, you love watching people get kicked at the bean bag therefore much, anything else would need to be a distant 2nd.

JM: True. Cheating is the maximum base for MMA success. For-life success, indeed.

But no. Finished I love nearly as much as obvious disregard for the rules, would be a blatant disregard to get a person being’s guts, and Ilyas Khamzin needed that in spades this weekend.

Consider this poor sap. He knows it’s over, tries to tap, and runs away before falling downagain.

AL: As boring as this sounds, I loathed the officiating here. We dump on poor refs alot (notably on the regional and worldwide scene) therefore that it ’s just fair we explain when you are on the chunk, therefore Vyacheslav Perskiy, we salute you. He instantly admits the verbal entry and even grabs Khamzin’s right arm to stop him away from drilling Oleg Naidenov again, allowing Naidenov to collapse in peace.

Before we proceed on, herersquo;s another fine stoppage, this one dictated by one of the fighters:

Featherweight Irina Alekseeva has been putting a complete whomping on Gulnara Garaeva although it was evident to her Garaeva was done , Garaeva wasn’t able to make that clear to the s. So that it dropped upon Alekseeva to relay this information, literally quitting the fight herself.

JM: Speak about great sportsmanship. The swimmer could have been totally within reason to make that fight going as Garaeva was engaging her thighs and seeking to shield. Superb stuff from Alekseeva.

Additionally, shout out to Tapology

The RCC Intro 3 event is accessible to fend at no cost on YouTube.

JM: to start, which has been demonstrably wonderful. I urgently try to do ridiculous things like banana splits in the gym all the time rather than succeed therefore Christian Lohsen yanking one off at a fight against an actual competition is actually extraordinary. However,…

AL: Hold , hold on. Why am I getting deja vu at this time?

JM: I suppose that’s due apparently period is a horizontal circle and we are simply reliving weekly.

That’s two in fourteen days, and either the apocalypse is coming or Lohsen read m-f and was just like, “Alright, time for me some shine. ”

AL: I’will go as far as to mention the Fight Pass social networking folks also browse our feature and also the caption is just another sly nod. We find you!

When I believe “island”, I feel lounging on a beach drinking something out of a coconut, not nasty submissions like this one:

Here, Philip Rowe catches Matt McKeon with an ugly guillotine (consider the angle which McKeon’s head are at when they fall to the mat!) , however I need this clip showed the dance Rowe was doing before at the standup and then his Stone Cold Steve Austin strut around the ring after getting the tap-out. That’s five straight now for Rowe (6-2), therefore let’s hope we see more with this 28-year-old welterweight so on.

JM: What I want to chat about is Rowe’s pants. Now those are several fight shorts! My man came to the ring in threads fresh from early ‘ even 90s. His shorts look like the background to the Fresh Prince DVD box collection. The ’s deal with Reebok will be the worst thing to happen for this sport because look at all of the majesty we’re missing.

AL: Rowe’s nickname actually is ldquo;the new Prince” therefore he’s on point.

Perhaps not gont lie, I had no idea however, now everything makes sense. That’S-A person I really could share a beer with.

You can have a look at Rowe’s shorts as well as the rest of his operation at Island Fights 5 3 on UFC Fight Pass.

Suakim PK Saenchaimuaythaigym vs. Thalisson Gomes Ferreira
Tenshin Nasukawa vs. Fedrico Roma

JM: Speaking of guys who want a beer, Suakim (long Last-name that’s truly simply the Thai gym he combats out of because ’s how these things work in Thailand) and also Thalisson Gomes Ferreira deserve all the beers after their absolute war at the Rise World-Series 20-19 event in Tokyo last Sunday.

This fight had been just seven minutes of anarchy, culminating at the teep kick to the body KO to our mononymic friend.


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