Stroll left his grand prix debut with in 2017, scoring a podium in the Azerbaijan grandprix, before surviving a dismal season last year as the Grove team fought at the back of the bunch.

The Canadian has moved to for 2019 after his dad Lawrence headed a consortium which took on the Force team.

Perez says Stroll has amazed him together along with all his speed, but also with all the feedback he was able to provide the team.

“I’ve been amazed with his degree, his speed,” said Perez. “However, the thing that amazed me , to tell the truth, is his feedback.

“you do not have to find that with the youthful drivers.

“These days they’re well prepared, but just due [the lack of] experience, you find them giving feedback and you also say’ah, they are lacking a bit of knowledge in the car’, but with him I’ve been quite amazed.

“I think he can direct the team quite nicely.”

Stroll, 20, scored just six points in 2018 as fought with an uncompetitive car on its way to finishing last in the constructors’ championship.

Perez reckons Stroll’s capacity was masked by how much the British team was out of its rivals.

“The thing is that people forget… Should they view you continue in Formula 1, they think you’re very awful, but 95 percent may be the vehicle,” he further added.

“so that it is rather hard to judge some one with a lousy car”

Even the Mexican, who directed this past yr, says that nothing will change in the attitude towards his new teammate.

“like any other teammate. I am here to do my very best job. I conquer all of the mates I’ve already been with. Therefore I’d like to do exactly the same together with Lance.

“It is my obligation to get this done. When I were not to do this, believe me, ” I wouldn’t be here.

“I’m here for the motivation, I am here to deliver of course if I actually don’t have this particular specific approach I better stay home”

Sergio Perez, Racing Point F1 Team RP19

, RP19

Photo by: Zak Mauger / / LAT Images