Together with the Milton Keynes-based operation bullish on its prospects for 20-19 on the rear of a switch to engines, the team has worked flat-out considering testing to get the upgrades ready .

RedBull ’s motorsport advisor Helmut Marko told that the business ’s TV channel ServusTV that a ‘fully moved ’ Adrian Newey had pulled out all the stops to get the new parts ready .

“Parts which were planned to its next race were brought forward, thanks to all the pressure he [Newey] could provide to receive them on into the automobile for Melbourne,” disclosed Marko.

Marko explained that RedBull was packed with confidence about the competitiveness of the RB15, that he reckoned was that the ‘best’ car his own team had produced.

“Our optimism is not unfounded. I see us behind over the race distance, but ahead of ,” he explained.

“The RB15 is surely the finest and most expensive car in the history of RedBull racing, in case you choose efficiency and also the technical perfection of those parts.

“[It had been just potential ] because in most phase every employee had been convinced: Now we are back on the right track. We have another chance to push victories in our own.”

Marko also struck back at cynics who suggests that too much was manufactured from ’s advancement — because he explained the ambition was for RedBull to win at least five races this past year.

“there has been a lot of negative voices saying that can not do it. But we’ve never had such neater evaluation days,” he explained.

“If we have significantly more horsepower, it’s just logical that we have to look forward this past year. Five victories are realistic. I hope there will be even more.”