SANTA CLARA, Calif. — It wasn’t a secret which the San Francisco 49ers had been ready and eager to throw resources — be it cash, draft picks or even a mixture of those two — in mending everything they view as the team’s main weakness: an outside pass-rush capable of shutting tight games.

In trainer and overall manager 2 yrs in charge, the 49ers have lost a whopping 1-1 one-possession games. On multiple occasions, a sack which forced a fumble or even a rush that resulted in an interception may have been that separated the Niners from success.

Along side that, the Niners are expected to sign Ford into some $87.5 million bargain, according to a study by ESPN’s Josina Anderson.

Assuming there are no snags, the 49ers finally have the dynamic edge rusher that has been lost since Aldon Smith departed in 2014. Looking back in Smith’s all too brief period as a Niner is cause for disappointment now but it had been transformative during the time as he piled up 42 sacks in his first 43 games.

The Niners’ trust is that Ford can muster their shield at a similar way. While it took Ford somewhat to have a genuine breakout season, he achieved it in a big manner in 2018. He ended with a career-best 13 sacks and tied for the league lead to seven forced fumbles last season and Guru Football Focus rated Ford as its high outdoor rusher, equipping him with 78 worries.

As an example of comparison, the 49ers driven seven turnovers every one of last yr, were tied to 22nd at sacks and did not possess some other rusher with over 5.5 sacks.

Needless to say, it does not mean Ford comes safe. Back in 2017, Ford played just six games as a result of a back issue which necessitated operation and he also played through injury problems in 20-16.

The other question is where Ford will fit best in San Francisco’s defense. He has spent his entire career at a 34 defense being another linebacker and also a main reason Kansas City reportedly hed to trade was as it had been unsure how he’d easily fit into new planner Steve Spagnuolo’s 43 scheme, specially against the series.

While bay area runs another defense than Kansas City, it’s reasonable to wonder Ford will endure against the run and perhaps the Niners envision the 252-pound Ford as more of a strongside linebacker or even a”Leo” defensive end.

1 surefire strategy to help solve that and still maximize Ford is really for the Niners to keep to put money into the outside pass rush. In reality, though a cursory look into the exchange for Ford could lead some to feel that the team will now put invaluable draft funds elsewhere, it may truly be the installment to another significant addition.

Equipped with the No. 2 pick in April’s draft, the Niners may still be in prime position to land yet another difference-making edge rusher such as Ohio State’s Nick Bosa. In addition, he stated the need for stronger outside rushers to optimize brand new defensive line coach Kris Kocurek’s wide-9 concepts.

“you must have some guy who’ll close out games, closeout balls,” Lynch explained. “For those who ask them to, they are able to be a difference-maker. I believe we’re also on the lookout for players that are powerful. … They are likely to be playing a quick trigger and getting after it. But, those are guys that can get to the quarter back and finish him”

Adding Ford undoubtedly could also offer the 49ers more flexibility in this season’s draft. In theory, they can now be more open to trading back and stockpiling more premium choices. That can not be ruled out, specially if Bosa eventually ultimately ends up moving No. 1.

But given the commitment it took to finally land just one prominent advantage rusher, there’s plenty of reason to trust the Niners are now poised to double down at the position Shanahan has compared to a quarter back on offense in terms of importance.

Bosa fits the outline of this effective type Lynch is looking Ford offering the speed from the other side that could give coicting offenses fits, specially using dominant interior presence DeForest Buckner decreasing the pocket up the middle. It’s a scenario that not long ago might have felt far-fetched however today seems possible.


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