Two weeks after, at the scouting combine in s, general director said Rosen was Arizona’s quarterback but added two words which changed the entire conversation surrounding the Cardinals’ No. 1 pick in next month’s NFL draft.

“Is our quarterback? He could be, now, for sure,” Keim said.

By the moment the words”at this time” abandoned Keim’s mouthspeculation which the Cardinals will draft Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray earliest complete and commerce Rosen have reached a more rapid pace.

This has been the minute the Cardinals’ 20-19 smoke screen campaign formally started.

Almost instantly, the Cardinals moved from either taking Ohio State pass-rusher Nick Bosa No. trading or 1 the very first pick to drafting Murray. Conversations about the Cardinals at s were white and black: these were without doubt taking Murray. No gray area. At today following Keim’s comments, talk of Murray to Arizona and Rosen being traded were discussed as etched-in-stone very fact.

However this really is misinformation season.

This produces deciphering fact from fiction this time of year all the more difficult. And, for a few, for example Keim, the smoke screen is getting a art.

“I believe that the biggest thing really is everybody’s trying to determine what you are doing that time of year,” Panthers coach said as of this year’s combine. “However, it really starts to play with once you start heading on the road and seeing players or bringing players at the closer you arrive at the draft. I believe that it’s important because you can’t let people understand exactly what you would like because they’ll try to jeopardize it. Thus, it is essential.”

Since he was promoted to general director in 2013, Keim was open to his misdirection, which worked nicely in combination with former Cardinals and current Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians.

In 2014, Arians said Arizona wouldn’t write a quarterback. It required Logan Thomas in the fourth round.

“I lie pretty good,” Arians said afterward.

That exact identical year, Keim said this about his draft”I told you that we are the only two it is possible to believe.” And Arians added:”Truth killsbaby”

So, maybe, just maybe, Kingsbury was telling the facts on Feb. 1-2, when he said Rosen was”our guy”

He endorsed up it at the combine.

“He is very cerebral and that I like the way he battled at the finish of the year through a few adverse problems. He turned it down, he continued to get up and he continued to struggle and compete off his tail until the ending “

Butmaybe, Keim’s comment on Feb. 27 at the combination has been authentic, too.

“It is still early in the process,” he explained. “We still haven’t gone through the full test, so that it’s too premature to say”

What’s the value in Keim deceiving the press and the general public? Making the remainder of the team think that the Cardinals are heavily interested in Murray would drive up the price tag on the first pick for a team which would want him.

If the Cardinals are, in fact, looking to shop Rosen, they’ve not done so yet. As stated by Insider Adam Schefter, teams made overtures into Rosen’s availability at the combine however, the Cardinals did not demonstrate any signs these were amenable to trading the quarterback — not yet — and hadn’t responded for them as of the other day.

Teams which may possibly be potential landing areas for Rosen comprise: the ny Giants along with Miami Dolphins. And with all this, a potential quest for Rosen could be chilled. Subsequently, again, it mightn’t.

Perhaps the Cardinals opt on the No. 1 pick or exchange it, Keim said at the combine he believes it has plenty of value.

“I think each year it’s different but to me personally there are plenty of players who really warrant the No. 1 pick,” Keim said of this draft. “Enough guys that I do believe there’s a great deal of value within this pick at the moment.”

Whether that’s more sleight of hand is not yet been determined.

First year Dolphins coach Brian Flores said at the combine he had watched a”good portion” of this year’s quarterbacks. A study said will launch Forged Ryan Tannehill, instantly putting them at the market for a new one.

“I think we have to be ready for all situations,” Flores said of a potential rookie quarterback. “And I think if that’s the circumstance, that’s the circumstance. I believe we’re always growing players”

Of Murray, Flores has been impressed.

“I presume he had a phenomenal year this year. I believe he’s a wonderful athlete. I believe he’s a really good player”

The Raiders were once considered a possibility to exchange to the very first pick but fresh general director Mike Mayock, presumably shut the door on that idea at the combine.

“I presume Derek Carr can be just a company quarterback, I believe that,” he explained. Sure. But I think that it’s really tricky to attempt to improve past a franchise quarterback like the one we have inside our building at the moment.”

Unless that’s a smokescreen, too.