Golovkin said that he wants just enormous fights within his own six-fight, 3-year deal with , however many fans expect his very first fight for described as considered a gimme against a fighter that doesn’t possess the ability to conquer him. Szeremeta is a person who could provide Golovkin all he could handle if he doesn’t fight the right fight this particular guy.

Szeremeta, 29, could be your EBU middle weight winner, and now he ’s got lots of talent. Even though he hasn’t taken on among the more notable fighters at the middle weight division, he’s a possible hazard to GGG when he doesn’t enter the fight at the ideal shape that has a fantastic gameplan to beat him.

Golovkin’s two coicts against Saul Canelo Alvarez were ones in which he was criticized for using the wrong strategy to win. Golovkin could ’t afford to do that against a fighter like Szeremeta, due to his ’ll out-box him for 1-2 rounds. In case Golovkin is satisfied with attempting to beat Szeremeta at a jabbing contest like he did against Canelo within their fight, he would lose. Szeremeta has fantastic abilities, and they will win rounds by turning up the heat at exact minutes. Szeremeta conquered past Golovkin competition Kassim Ouma with a one sided 10 round unanimous decision in August 2016. Szeremeta did a much better job against Ouma compared to Golovkin did. Golovkin took lots of punishment in quitting Ouma at the 10th round in 2011 in what is probably the hardest fight of GGG’s career.

Kamil Szeremeta Is a Great opponent

For what Golovkin needs Szeremeta to get to find the rust out of a long interval of inactivity, he’therefore the perfect competitor for him to perform this task. This ’therefore the most important part. GGG has to believe more and know what tricks his competitors are using. Whether fans want to admit it or not, Canelo out smarted Golovkin inside their two coicts. He boxed Golovkin from the outside, and moved an extended the ropes to nullify his match in the very first fight in 2017. Golovkin didn’t desire to plow ahead and combat Canelo in medium to close range the way he would have needed to for him to beat him. In the 2nd fight, Canelo walked Golovkin down, and had him burning. GGG didn’t expected failed to adapt by holding his earth. GGG didn’t realize how a Nevada judges could interpret him being backed up by Canelo.

Should GGG take a risky fight next?

The fans don’t want to see Golovkin have an unknown fighter as his second competitor. They need him to fight the very best available guy, especially today that he’so on , which is a subscription based service which costs fans $10 a month. Once it makes sense for GGG to have a tuneup fight until he confronts Canelo Alvarez at September, the fans don’t see it that way. They want value for their cash. Andrade struggles on , and then he ’so expected to be back for activity around precisely exactly the exact same period Golovkin is currently in June. Andrade doesn’t possess an opponent, and he’therefore made it clear to the fans that he would like to fight GGG. Should Golovkin doesn’t face Andrade second, he’s going to be seen as being ducked the fight, and this ’s going to make him look bad in the eyes of plenty of fans. What left people like Golovkin at the past was his fearlessness, and also how he was willing to take on anybody at the middle weight division. The fans no longer think that. A number believe Golovkin swerved Jermall Charlo, who the World Council ordered GGG to face to his or her interim WBC middleweight title recently. Golovkin didn’t afford the fight, and a large amount of fans saw this as a snoll movement . In case Gennady chooses not to fight Andrade next, folks would think that he was afraid of the Rhode Island fighter.

What goes on if Golovkin loses?

A loss for Golovkin, 3 6, in his second fight won’t be bad a thing as a few fans may think that it will be. With the real history supporting Golovkin’s two previous fights with Canelo Alvarez, there’ll still be massive interest from people wanting to find that a third fight between those two celebrities regardless of what takes place in GGG’s next fight. Of course a loss for Golovkin contrary to a fighter with a KO percentage of just 2 1% would be a tricky thing for him to swallow, but this is . Szeremeta doesn’t must knock Golovkin out to beat himas we saw with Canelo’s recent win over Triple G. Just going the 1-2 rounds, becoming the better of Golovkin, and winning the cards is adequate.

Canelo struggle is waiting for September on

There’s a enormous fight with Canelo Alvarez which is awaiting for Golovkin. He needs to do is always to make sure he wins his second fight, and also look good doing so and he’s got the Canelo trilogy fight that he’s been wanting for. Jacobs is just a faulty fighter, which has been beaten in the past, however he’therefore going to be more motivated to the extreme to attempt to beat Alvarez. It goes without mentioning that Canelo is likely to be fighting the most effective possible Jacobs once they fight each on May 4. When Jacobs is at his best, he’s extremely difficult to beat. Jacobs beat himself his losses to Golovkin and Dmitry Pirog at the past by backing them up and perhaps not arriving at them with both guys blazing. In case Jacobs uses Canelo, he would defeat him. That could throw off Golovkin’s plans to get a September re match. It’s naturally assumed that Canelo will beat Jacobs, however we might observe an upset in that fight. If that occurs, Golovkin will need to fight someone else in his second fight with later this year.


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