Though the sound is cloudy from the video, that travelled viral after the game, Kerr did actually say,”I am so f–ing tired of D Raymond’s s–.”

“It don’t disturb me,” Green said after Tuesday’s practice. “S– happens. It is what it is. I am sure there’s plenty of times coaches are tired of players. There’s times players are tired of coaches… I don’t take it private, but it is what it is.”

Green said he and Kerr did not have to clear the air after the clip gained traction.

“There’s not anything to clean,” Green stated. “Just like I said, s– happens. We live in a day and age where there’s a camera anywhere. If anything else we’ll probably be conscious about that. However, as far we need to clear the air, there isn’t any air to clear.”

Kerr tried to diffuse the problem after Monday’s practice using only a tiny bit of comedy by saying that lip-readers chased his words.

“No, the lip-readers were wrong,” Kerr said. “What I said was, ” I beg to disagree with D Raymond’s approach to night. Those were my exact words. I really don’t understand how someone misconstrued that”

Green, the emotional leader of this back champions, took everything in stride Tuesday. He said he was not surprised that the clip got just as much attention as it did.

“I am surprised,” he said. “I guess I’d be considered a millennial, huh? If I am considered a millennial, that’s the day and age of social media, also I discover how news spreads like wildfire. So, no, I am not surprised whatsoever.”

Green said he was not outwardly concerned because he was not likely to let one emotional outburst in a heated moment change how he felt.

“Because some one else’s opinion or the way they necessarily can feel like not getting me where I am in the first spot,” Green said, explaining his mentality. “So I actually don’t spend my time worrying about how anybody feels. I think everyone is entitled to their own feelings and opinions. I don’t take anybody’s feeling or remarks personal because it’s only that for them, it’s personal for them. So who am I feel a means about how some one else can feel or feel in the moment? That’s human nature, and most of us have those [minutes ] so that is how I am ready to proceed “


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