Together with ’s sights set on bringing race successes this season as due to its tieup with , ExxonMobil has revealed the scale of the push that the Japanese manufacturer is making.

Together with exxon mobil having developed and tested over than 3-6 engine oils along with 40 fuel variations in front of the beginning of the effort, its worldwide motorsports technology director David Tsurusaki says his company has been pushed to the limitation to come up with the most useful services and products it could.

“We have experienced upgrades during the wintermonths, though we never got to race them, because we got so much data ago and so much information back,” Tsurusaki told

“We had enough time to produce these changes, therefore we said:’let’s keep going’. We were in Japan in early December and we all discussed exactly what was that the last deadline to generate your last change — since they were requesting us.

“We said we had begun sending for testing, however we agreed that we can airfreight something new if we left another change. We did that.

“We’re now already working when can we receive the upcoming upgrades intended, when can we have [dyno] testing time accessibility and all of that.”

ExxonMobil’s progress with former spouse was hampered by using a customer relationship with the French car manufacturer, therefore dyno testing availability has been limited.

That isn’t true with , with Tsurusaki saying that the pressure has shifted onto his corporation’s shoulders to try and maintain with what japan manufacturer wants.

“It is sometimes difficult if they say:’we are all set to examine, can you have something ready in three weeks'” He said.

“But the majority of the time we may do it we will do it. I believe our guys thrive on that.

“I believe that it is nice to be in a scenario where you are jointly working to succeed forward, and we all are fine together giving us a deadline and also we could meet it or even not meet it. It’s still a large jump in where we were, earlier therefore it is good.”


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