More than two years later it was stolen from a display event at Lower Merion High School and following a trip halfway around the world and back, ’s high school uniform was returned.

The jersey has been made by Liu Zhe, a China resident, in October 2018, after it borrows a few 6,300 miles from where it was last seen in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Liu, a 28-year-old self-proclaimed Kobe fanatic purchased it to incorporate to the Kobe collection he maintains in his home in Harbin, the capital of the Heilongjiang province in China.

Liu, who displays his Bryant memorabilia on his Insta-gram account, was approached by an internet seller, who whined Liu’s interest from this item. Liu told he paid approximately $2000 for it, very happy to include Bryant’s high school No. 33 for his collection high in Los Angeles uniforms — both the No. 8 and No. 2-4 models — and also a No. 10 USA Basketball jersey of Bryant’s.

However, after having the jersey in his possession, Liu realized the striking resemblance of his own new memento to the styled Bryant jersey that has been shot straight in 2017 along with Lower Merion’s 1996 PIAA Boys’ Basketball 4A State Championship decoration, Bryant’s Parade all american plaque, as well as several game programs along with five pairs of Bryant’s signature Nike shoes performed in the Experts’ maroon and white color scheme.

Liu supposed to reunite the uniform to Bryant in person If the prior star visits Shenzhen, China on March 16 to announce the draw for its 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

However, after linking with a representative for Lower Merion’s basketball team through their Insta-gram account, Liu agreed to trade the uniform back to the faculty.

He asked for no more compensation in return — other than expecting that Bryant would be alarmed that the jersey was recovered. Contributing to the international intrigue of the jersey’s jaunt, aiding the translation between Liu and the Football program has been Saiyuan Bian, a skilled basketball player in China. Lower Merion head trainer Gregg Downer befriended Bian in 2014 if Bian was in the nations serving as a translator to its Shanxi Brave Dragons throughout the Chinese team’s preseason training camp held in the region.

“So Bian, our friend from China, became sort of this intermediary in most of this.”

Liu, who’s already met Bryant a handful of instances after the five-time winner made promotional appearances in the China and the United States, said he was prompted to right the wrong that happened predicated on a note Bryant composed to him. Liu was named camper of this trip to a Bryant-sponsored camp in Los Angeles in 2018. Liu presented with Bryant for a photograph when he received the camp fame along with Bryant autographed the photo of the two of them, adding a personal inscription.

“He signed’Dream big! Live epic! Mamba mentality,'” Liu told . “Everything I used was my’mamba mentality.'”

The faculty received the jersey in the email last week and then handed it over to the Lower Merion Police Department. On Tuesday, right out of an episode of”Pawn Stars,” Detective Ed Sarama consulted a local souvenir store to verify that the signature on the uniform has been authentic. In the eyes of this brand new Jersey-based shop, it was.

The jersey was not actually worn by Bryant if he scored 2,883 points on his Faculties stand out stint for Lower Merion out of 1992-96. Bryant signed the 10 jerseys plus so they certainly were doled out to team boosters and faculty officials, with one being retained for display reasons.

The fact the jersey recovered from Liu was manufactured by DeLong only put into Lower Merion officials’ belief in its validity. DeLong ceased producing basketball uniforms in 2008, based on your customer services representative realized by phone from per week, and also the sporting goods company now concentrates its business on letterman jackets and team gear.

The Lower Merion Police Department’s investigation is ongoing assured of regaining the rest of the stolen stuff and also bringing the thieves to justice, using received additional advice from Liu concerning the internet seller he purchased from.

“We would really like to understand what happened to the different items too but just the fact that someone, when they realized what they had, was willing to send it back and do exactly the right thing was a rather welcome turn of events,” Young said. “We are very excited to have back the jersey in its appropriate location.”

“As coaches, we’d really like to think that these kinds of things bring good karma and so are harbingers of success,” he explained. And soon the jersey could once more be appreciated by most fans including Liu from throughout the world who make the trek to L.M. to see where Bryant’s heritage took root.

“I’m sure the Kobe tourists who visit Lower Merion High School to have a look at the gym and the decoration case will delight in watching the jersey again,” Young said. “for the school community, it’s certainly bigger than this — we appreciate that somebody was willing enough to provide us a little piece of our history.”

And all Liu wants is for Bryant to understand who hooked him up with a help.

“I hope Kobe may know the news before he comes to China,” Liu explained.


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