The F1 celebrity drove Rick Kelly’s Nissan Altima at the Calder circuit yesterdaymarking his first proper outing at a super car.

Whilst a promotional situation, Ricciardo says he had been feeling a little bit of pressure as he climbed aboard the vehicle.

With watched the Aussie series as he was a youngster, he reckons he was concerned he’d be daunted from the 600-horsepower tin-top.

“Honestly, I was quite apprehensive as it’s something I’ve seen my whole life,” he explained.

“People may possibly be like’you drive in F1, what’s a V8 for your requirements?’ , however I really don’t look at it at exactly the same league. It’s an entirely different vehicle.

“I see [the super car ] at the very top of these tin-top cars. For me that is the most useful of its calibre, which is intimidating because I really don’t understand it.

“And again I’ve watched it for so many years. I was nervous, I guess, as it is really a major thing.

“Sometimes these, let’s call these media events, are not really exciting, putting it . I knew I would like it. I was only more nervous that I wouldn’t be great at it.

“I’m not saying I had been, but I had been fearful that I would be fearful. I really liked it.”

Ricciardo spent of his stints from the Altima with Kelly at the passenger seat, and while unsure if the nerves were shared over the cabin, he’d say that Kelly had to help him get all the way through the rev range.

“He even took off my hand the [gear] pole and forced me wait to get in the shift lights,” explained Ricciardo. “I had been Shortshifting a bit.

I really could see out of this corner of my head what he had been doing with his feet. I don’t know if that was him being nervous or he had been trying to show me when he had brake.

“I had been keeping track of that because that enabled me to pick up any reference points. I had a look a few times and he was laughing and smiling.

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