Rivola, who combined the Aprilia MotoGP team in the Formula 1 team this season, was one of the driving forces behind the protest filed in the wake of Andrea Dovizioso’s victory in last weekend’s Qatar season-opener.

, Suzuki and KTM combined Aprilia in building an official complaint regarding the legality of a fresh winglet which Dovizioso, Danilo Petrucci and Jack Miller all ran from the Losail event, an item Ducati claims was designed only to cool the back wheel.

The protest was thrown out by stewards prior to being known to the FIM Court of Appeals.

Rivola revealed that Aprilia was looking to running a similar device, only to be advised by MotoGP technical manager Danny Aldridge on February 19 it would simply be permissible to run it in wet conditions, as Yamaha did in Valencia this past year.

“From the very last race of this past year, at Valencia, Yamaha used a kind of spoon attached to the swingarm that dispersed water at the event of rain and was believed valid on safety grounds,” Rivola told Italian paper Gazzetta dello Sport.

“That approach discharged our eyes. So much so that in the start of the season we asked the technical assign if we could go and develop some thing in that area, where we all understand there is performance to be gained.

“Aldridge’s answer on February 19 cautioned however that the same solution can only be mounted in wet conditions. As a result, we ceased “

He included about the protest:”Ours was not an act [specifically] contrary to Ducati, we do not desire to spite anyone.

Rivola said he believes it is apparent that running the winglet produces a aerodynamic benefit, while also pointing out that the truth that it’s mounted to the swing arm – a more moving part – arguably makes it a moveable aerodynamic device.

“What this section can, it’s quite easy to work out,” he said. “A simple study of fluid dynamics shows that what that you do at the front has an impact on what is behind.

“In this field the atmosphere is very fast, if you attach a winglet it creates a load. There doesn’t seem to be much to discuss.

“A wing cannot be mobile. This [winglet] isn’t by itself, but if you attach into a swingarm that’s mobile, it has a different effect depending on whether you’re not or flying.”

Danilo Petrucci, Ducati Team

Danilo Petrucci, Ducati Team


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