has paid tribute to for returning to Formula 1 eight years later putting up with injuries in a rally crash.

Kubica, who will drive for this season, has just partial movement on his arm after it had been partially severed in the accident at 2011.

driver said:”I really don’t believe most of us understand the extent of what he has been through to get straight back here.

“It is a testament to his character but it’s awesome to find him “

The Pole, now 34, was clearly one of the main drivers in F1 if he had the accident at which he suffered various other important injuries.

He’s been through extensive restoration and rehab at the intervening period, for example rival in the entire world rally championship for a couple of years.

Kubica, who won the 2008 Canadian grandprix to get , nearly won a drivein 2018 but had been passed over towards Russian .

However, dropped Sirotkin at the conclusion of last season after being convinced Kubica was up into the job of returning.

Kubica’s harms mean he cannot hold a controls at the conventional manner along with his right hand, which his fingers do not fully close, and certain controllers to that car have had to be re-sited as a result.

However he insists that he is ready to drive competitively despite exactly what he refers to as his”limits”, although he has said he could not say whether he’s able to accomplish the high degrees he achieved in his first career.

Asked how he felt about finally being in a position to make a return, Kubica said:”It’s been an extended time away from this sport. Maybe not necessarily lots of time for you to think about the emotions. You’re centered on the job and learn just as much as possible about the new f 1 and seeking to be ready.”

, whose car had been two 5 days for the start of preseason analyzing, are hoping to begin the year in this weekend at last place but expect to improve as the season continues.

“We did not possess a perfect start to winter testing,”” Kubica said. “Let’s see. We only need to maximise what we’ve.”


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