KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The great Eric Berry minutes during his now-finished livelihood at safety with all the Kansas City Chiefs were lots of.

Everybody has a favorite.

His victorious return from cancer at 2015. The way he smothered Rob Gronkowski at the 20 17 opener against . His interception return of an Atlanta two point conversion make an effort to provide the Chiefs a one-point win in 20-16. His sideline words of dom for Marcus Peters at a 20-16 game against the Panthers after his teammate drew a penalty for strangely kicking the ball to the stands at the fourth quarter of a tie game.

There are plenty of reasons to consider Berry at a positive way inspite of the fact he’s given the Chiefs very bit from a concrete stand point since that 20 17 opener against . In actuality, the six-year, $78 million contract Berry signed couple of years ago turned into one of the worst in history.

Berry, that combined the Chiefs at 2010 as their first-round draft selection, was Kansas City for nine decades. He also missed a significant percentage of four seasons, even leaving his career as mysterious as that of some excellent football player to come through Kansas City: Things would Berry have realized had he played with those additional four seasons, even had he not had to overcome a torn ACLcancer, a ruptured Achilles tendon and last season’s mysterious heel disorder?

It’s safe to say he’d have many more great moments. Maybe the Chiefs, with Berry in their line up, might have been able to keep onto an 18-point halftime lead against the Titans at the 20 17 playoffs.

Berry acknowledged past summer at training camp sometimes considers what he could have realized had almost 1 / 2 of his career not been spent rehabbing from trauma or receiving treatment for illness.

The Chiefs published Berry on Wednesday, two weeks later agreeing to contract terms using safety Tyrann Mathieu. Berry becomes the Hottest in a line of Chiefs greats to be released Recently, following Jamaal Charles, Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson along with Justin Houston.

It feels different this time. The Chiefs had gone as much as they could with all those players, and typically it seemed time to proceed.

With Berry, the Chiefs had not gone far enough.

They will have rarely had a person like him. On the area, Berry had the talent for making a big play at the perfect time. In the locker room, he had been the voice all of his teammates paid attention to.

Long-time teammate Jeff Allen felt moved to place that this into his Twitter accounts after word of Berry’s release became public.

Boiling down Berry’s Chiefs career to a game, it’d have been that 20 17 game against . Berry has been brilliant that night in policy against Gronkowski and a crucial reason the Chiefs upset the defending Super Bowl winners.

However, the last images of Berry that night came from the fourth quarter, even when he had been sitting in the field vertical with his legs in the traditional ripped Achilles tendon present. He had been carted off the area and which has been , the productive part of his own Chiefs career finished.

This game was just like the rest of Berry’s time at Kansas City. There was much to like when he had been at the line up, however too often he was not.


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