By : WBC welterweight champion “took the easy solution ” instead of fighting with a unification match against winner Errol ‘the reality ’ Spence; that’s the way Spence sees it.

“I needed to fight Shawn. If Shawn desired to fight, this Mikey Garcia fight wouldn’t have happened,” Spence said in explaining why he decided to fight Mikey Garcia. “He has busy trying to take the easy way out. I admire Mikey Garcia for shooting the fight,” Spence said.

Spence’s fame is going to be sky high after he destroys Mikey. Whoever ends up like Spence’s next opponent is going to have a great deal of attention to these. Porter is obviously hoping to take advantage of that. Whether Spence will provide Porter the period is uncertain.

With the taint that is after Porter from his contentious win over Yordenis Ugas, Spence wouldbe better of steering clear of him, and focusing on guys that aren’t being followed closely by a dark blur by a contentious win. Spence would fare better to ignore Porter, also focus rather than challenging Keith ‘onetime ’ Thurman, Manny Pacquiao or Terence Crawford. Thurman or Pacquiao are the much better options for Spence to fight compared to Porter.

It’d be smart for Spence and his direction to make sure that Porter isn’t let into the ring Saturday night, because should he’s able to get in the ring to telephone him out, there’s going to be more pressure for him to carry that fight instead of one against the arguably more popular Pacquiao or Thurman. Spence can’t gain much fighting Porter together with him coming from a contentious decision win over Ugas.

The boxer which Porter ought to be confronting next is Ugas. He needs to give him a rematch therefore that he is able to prove to the public that he’therefore the fighter. At the moment, a lot of fans believe Porter had been awarded a win he didn’t even deserve. Spence would be damaging himself by agreeing to fight Porter right now. Even if Porter had looked good in beating Ugas, he’s maybe not a good opponent to manage compared with Pacquiao or Thurman. Those guys are popular, and either of them would be perfect for Spence to fight after his win over Mikey.

Porter got the nod by the dozens 116-112, 115-113 for Porter, also 117-111 for Ugas. It had been a lousy operation by Porter. The match plan looked like it was put together on the fly without a lot of idea about it, also Porter’therefore implementation was equally poor. Porter looked like an old fighter, also maybe perhaps never at the very top one. This has been Porter at his worst.


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