F-1 has reintroduced the additional point for fastest lap which has been previously awarded throughout the first 10 decades of the planet championship in 1950-59.

Bottas felt more fastest laps than any driver in 2018 and could have bagged the point on six of the seven occasions.

He explained:”Last year could have been fine to contain it. I would have extra points for third in the championship.

“However, when you know the principle, it may cause some differences to the method by which a race may proceed.

“For example, should you really do have a totally completely free pit stop at the end of a race you may go to it and perform a few risky laps.

“But if you should be fighting for the win of the race of the podium, then that might be a second-hand matter to really give attention to.”

Cable response to the newest fastest-lap point has been mixed, with some agreeing with Bottas that it could add an additional dimension into the final stages of this race.

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Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc said he believes they’d try for fastest lap if there was no danger of losing a posture.

“If [over taking is] exactly like last year, I find it difficult to believe that we’ll give up a situation on path to put the fastest lap,” he explained.

“Looking at the reversal of things in 1 place to the next I think it’s much better to stay infront. For those who don’t have a thing to lose, then I believe we will try.”

Returning F1 driver Robert Kubica joked from the drivers’ press conference that his Williams team’s struggles mean that the principle shift”unfortunately does not change us”.

But he explained a driver pitting late at the race in quest for the idea could”unlock a few strange scenarios” by triggering a”domino” effect.

The others were less convinced that it will alter the events of a race, even with Alfa Romeo driver Kimi Raikkonen indicating it isn’t going to”create a big difference”.

Grand Prix Drivers’ Association director Romain Grosjean stated a leaving team might”bet” and try to win at a point inside the struggle for the entire tournament.

Nevertheless, the Haas person said it would be”simply for high teams” because”the top three teams pull off and they’ve got a totally completely free pit stop any way”.

Haas was not the only team away from the big three to evaluate a fastest lap at 2018, but Kevin Magnussen ended 13th thus wouldn’t have picked up a place.


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