teams that are part of their Jack Hughes sweepstakes will learn a good deal sooner when they’ll get a chance to draft the respectable American centre in No. 1 ).

The league announced Wednesday it was moving its own draft lottery as much as April 9, to the eve of their Stanley Cup playoffs. The event, that will take place in Toronto, generally happened during the playoffs.

The 15 teams that do not make the postseason are qualified for the No. 1 pick. The team with the fewest regular season points has a 18.5 percent chance at landing the leading pick. The team with all the second-fewest points has a 13.5 percent chance, and also the team with the third fewest features a 11.5 percent chance.

As of Wednesday, the Ottawa Senators had the worst record in the using a league-low 52 points. Regrettably for its Senators, the Colorado Avalanche own that select, from last season’s deal that shipped Matt Duchene into Ottawa.

The 2019 draft will soon be June 21 from Vancouver, British Columbia. Finnish winger Kaapo Kakko is believed to be the most second-highest-rated potential in the draft.