GREEN BAY, . — Aaron Rodgers turned 35 in December, and although he’s said he hes to play into his 40s, who knows how many more authentic opportunities the greenbaypackers will have at another Super Bowl along with him.

But that wasn’t the impetus behind Brian Gutekunst’s aggressive foray into free agency.

Or so says that the second year overall manager.

I thought we had to add to our shield somewhat, also that I feel these guys will. Thus, I don’t think it’s any different than it ever was.”

This was all three of the chief freeagent signings were aging players (Jimmy Graham, Muhammad Wilkerson and Tramon Williams). The two Smiths are 26 and Amos won’t turn 26 until the following month.

“Each year your team’s in kind of a different condition, and that I think you have to be honest with yourself, and I feel this year our team was at a circumstance where I thought that was the right thing to accomplish for we dancing,” Gutekunst stated. But it’s going to be year to year and what we need to complete in order to win. Apparently, you may ’t kick the can down the road forever, but at precisely the exact same moment that I don’t think we really did that here. I think in case you really look at this didn’t really endanger such a thing in the future”

But, all of those deals pushed significant salary cap profit the future while counting only $23.4 million on the Packers’ 2019 cap.

“I think our roster during the moment, it was something we had to complete to help we,” Gutekunst stated. “In precisely the exact same moment, we’re always looking outside, ‘How’therefore it’s going to affect year after year? ’ And that I feel really good about where we now ’re situated, the way that impacts the years in the future “

Myriad factors went into the need for Gutekunst to create these motions . A poor 2015 draft class at which not a single player remains in Green Bay and also a important need for up grades on shield were chief among them. All 3 defensive players he signed up this week were at the 2015 class.

“I don’t think it had been a different mindset,” Gutekunst said of the way of free agency now around. “I think my mindset was the exact same. But I think thatrsquo;therefore an essential point, we did need guys we thought their best football was in front of them. I think all of the guys probably had their best seasons last year, and now I think their best football is, they were still trending in the right direction. Therefore I think that’therefore the way we view it. It doesn’t necessarily happen that way, but like I said, I think all of the guys have good football before them”


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