Kyle Busch now has 199 national series wins after his latest weekend sweep at ISM Raceway. Just how striking will it be in your eyes when he gets win No. 200?

Jim Utter: Kyle Busch’s accomplishments are already quite impressive in my opinion. I know the 200 mark was important for Kyle. And how many talented athletes set a ridiculously significant standard for themselves and are actually able to accomplish it, and even exceed it? Few. Busch is going to be winning races for years in the future. While the 200 mark is definitely a milestone, I am unsure we now have seen the best Busch needs to offer yet. Would you imagine that a Kyle Busch is gets a late-career resurgence like Kevin Harvick? Watch out!

Exactly what Richard Petty did was impressive. However, you can’t compare the two. 1-99 wins round the 3 national divisions in today’s age and Richard’s 200 Cup wins back in the daytime are incomparable. Therefore instead of wanting to rate Kyle’s achievement against others, why not we just appreciate it for what it’s? He’s showcased absolute dominance at the Xfinity and , even against fellow Cup drivers at similar equipment. At the Cup degree, only ten drivers ever have won more, and he’s far from done. 

Tim Southers: I think his mark of 200 national series wins (when he gets it) will be something to remember. I think Richard Petty’s list is striking and certainly will stand the test of time, however comparing the two records are little apples . Why do ’t we merely appreciate both records and appreciate both drivers who listed them.

Ford and have currently each won two races to date this season. You believe they could be the two to fight out to the manufacturers name this season?

Jim: Way too early to tell but it really looks like teams are again slow from this gate. There’s loads of time for that to change ofcourse. And there was lots of raw rate exhibited already by Chip Ganassi Racing and Richard Childress Racing. Once they find a means to close the bargain, I think wins are still coming. Hendrick Motorsports looked as if it required a significant advance at Phoenix as well.

Nick: While has been play catch up, it certainly is shaping up for a battle between Ford and . And not only for the manufacturers name, nevertheless the Cup name as well. The growing season is young though, so do not count out just yet.

Tim: I have to admit I’m astonished at how strong Ford has looked out of the gate with the newest Mustang after had its problems with the Camaro last season. I agree with Jim that Chip Ganassi Racing was fast and Richard Childress Racing has shown speed too, but nevertheless they appear to be considered a rip-off at the conclusion of races. I honestly think we will see one and maybe two s at the finals for that tournament, but there is lots of racing to move.

Kyle Larson and Chip Ganassi both ended at the top-10 for initially as teammates and seem to be the most persistent team so far this season. You think Larson may get this weekend also then give it’s first Cup win of this year? Larson excels on two-mile speedways scoring four of his five career Cup Series wins tracks that size.

Jim: I suspect that this weekend’s race is the best opportunity so far this season to find out if Chip Ganassi Racing can put an entire race capitalize on it with a trip to Victory Lane. It’s definitely a great track for Larson and Kurt Busch has been running more consistently than Larson has at times this season. It will be interesting if Larson proceeds he powerful performances at Car Club Speedway using the new aero package set up this season.

Nick: It’s a different ball game for this new aero package so I am hesitant to look at previous performances when seeking to predict what will happen on Sunday. Auto Club isn’t Las Vegas and this package could look very different.

The one large difference in the race that this season is going to be the rules package used so it will be considered a race worth watching for sure.

Do you expect an alternative race at Auto Club Speedway in 2013 with the rules package?

Jim: I have been excited about the race, partly because I view it for a mix of their most useful of Atlanta and Las Vegas. The entire aero package is going to be used but it is really a worn track which already produces three and sometimes four rushing grooves. If the area stays closer with all those elements set up, I believe the potential is for it really is the very best race nonetheless of this growing season.

Nick: As I said above, greatly so. Auto Club and Michigan for this new aero package are going to make for some extraordinary racing and mad restarts. This race will be exactly about the draft and also keeping up the momentum. I expect it for a thriller.

Tim: I have to admitthat I used to hate this race at this track. Maybe it was the very fact Darlington Raceway lost a race to the track, but the racing just wasn’t that good in my own opinion. Boy how things have shifted from the racing side of things because this has produced some wonderful racing, very great endings and various narrative lines. If this fresh package functions as expected, I feel that this may end up being a race with a conclusion buffs and press will probably talk about all through the year and in the long run.