Following 18 rounds of competition, ” the SEHA — Gazprom League regular season has come to a close and 4 teams are now awaiting the semi finals. Document winners HC Vardar lead the dining table at the end of the Roundrobin portion of the year, before HC PPD Zagreb, RK Nexe and Meshkov Brest. The 4 sides will now contest the eighth SEHA — Gazprom League Final 4 in Brest, Belarus on April 3 and 4.


It had been a close race into the semi finals. The four were followed by Tatran Presov, who shot 1 2 victories in the regular season and finished with 36 points — just one win away from precisely exactly the identical album as among those semi finalists.


Belarusian team Meshkov qualified for their first SEHA Final 4 in the 2012/13 season and have qualified to its semi finals every season since.


Croatian side RK Nexe, who were the runners up in their domestic league supporting perennial title holders Zagreb to the previous 10 seasons, have forced it into the SEHA League Final 4 to first time. The result comes during what’s just a strong season for Nexe, who are also impressing in their international competition, both the guys ’s EHF Cup, where they lead their preliminary group and can be found in a great position to make it to the knockout stage.


The final standing of the rest of the regular season golf sees Slovakian team Presov sitting fifth above n side Vojvodina (seven wins and 22 points), n debutants Steaua Bucuresti (six wins and 18 points), yet another n team Zeleznicar (five wins and 1 draw for 16 points), Macedonian group Metalurg (four wins and 1 draw with 1-3 points) and finally Bosnian team Izvidac (one win and 1 draw for 4 points).


The most effective scorer at the end of the regular season is Vojvodina’s Milos Grozdanic, with 102 goals. Grozdanic appears place to take the crown despite overlooking the Final 4, since the closest participant from a semifinalist club is Zagreb captain Zlatko Horvat, who’s currently fifth with 75 goals. Horvat will likely rise to some higher position however could have to evaluate 27 goals in just two games to take first place.


The most effective goal keeper is Nexe’s Moreno Car, with the average save rate of 3-4 %. Car, Kastelic and Milosavljev are all only 23 years of age, but are all making a significant impression with their performances.


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