The 20-19 Formula 1 season starts in Melbourne this weekend and it promises to be one of the most interesting in the past years.

The very first car have never even turned a wheel in anger and yet there are several intriguing plot lines directly down the grid.

Let’s take a look at some of the big questions on the eve of the n Grand Prix.

Hamilton v Vettel, Part III

and have mastered Formula 1 to the past five years, Hamilton winning four of the last five world titles along with his former teammate Nico Rosberg one other.

However, those statistics indicate the truth that in 2017 and 2018 started the summer season using a completely competitive car and their lead driver should have taken the title fight to the last race.

Back in 2018, Vettel had something of your own tragedy, creating a string of errors which, exacerbated by management failures in , watched his season and Hamilton triumph with 2 races to go.

It has all change at this year. Their unpopular former team principal moved and in his place is former technical director Mattia Binotto, celebrated as a cool and calm personality who’ll offer a far more stable environment for its team.

And have hit the floor running, their car clearly faster in more rapid than the , who F1 sporting boss Ross Brawn referred to as”just a small bit out of sorts”.

Hamilton himself placed the gap in between both cars in performance as much as half a second per lap, and said:”This will become the toughest battle nonetheless.”

Can Vettel and finally get one over on their amazing competitions?

How will Leclerc perform at ? IE]>Charles Leclerc is preparing to start his first season with Ferrari after replacing Kimi Raikkonen

The significant question over Vettel might be how he will manage the pressure of a title fight, after wilting so defectively in 2018, but there is another – and that is in the individuality of his teammate.

– reliable, not-quite-quick-enough – has gone into sister team Alfa Romeo, and in their own place has come 21-year-old , who is tipped as a star for the long run.

There is excellent anticipation within F1 about how Leclerc will fare at , with lots of expecting great things .

have said Vettel may have priority in certain circumstances at the beginning of the calendar year, however, if Leclerc shows a match for Vettel the length of time can they let that continue and also how will they manage the circumstance?

The battle inside might possibly be equally exciting as this between them and .

A brand new age for

have finally parted company using engine partner Renault after five years of the turbo hybrid formula indicated by bitterness and recriminations.

In Renault’s place has come , who have not exactly set the world on fire as they came back into F1 in 2015. Unless you are speaking about how many motors have failed.

Nonetheless, there is optimism at which they will soon be competitive with a engine than they were with a Renault – along with also their minimum goal for the season is to be more nearer to both and than previously.

didn’t put some eyecatching times in preseason testing but their lead driver Max Verstappen, who won two races a year and should have had a third, said he feels”optimistic” about the summer growing season ahead.

“If we check out the longer runs, it looks all pretty promising,” the Dutchman said,”so, yeah, I’m awaiting to start racing today. I believe we’ve a fairly good package and also the engine seems to work really well. I’m very happy about that.”

In case will get in the combination with and , the prospects of this fiery, aggressive, uncompromising and very quick Verstappen moving toe to toe with Hamilton and Vettel are mouth watering.

A brand new Brit package