Not just is it that the first variant of the an championship to be played under the new, expanded format featuring 24 teams instead of the prior 16, it’s likee the first co-hosted by three nations: Austria, Sweden and . The Men’s EHF EURO 20 20 will come from January 9 to 26.


With 24 contenders available from the pool of national teams across , the eligibility procedure for its 20 20 championship began in January 2017. Phase 2 is now under way, together with 32 squads vying for its remaining 20 places at the EHF EURO 20 20. As the current title holders, Spain are directly qualified with all the 3 host nations. The qualification phase will finish in the middle of June and the draw will accompany at the end of the calendar month.


Ticket sales for case began on October 2-4, 2018, and 25,000 were sold at the first twenty four hours. Fans could select from four categories in Graz and five Vienna, and organisers have paid special attention to pricing at the hope of attracting spectators from far beyond the community.



“The new concept with the last weekend over three days is additionally creating lot of interest from fans and of course ticket sales. All hospitality areas within Stockholm are fully booked today, and we are now exploring additional space in linking facilities.


As Bergström summarized, you can find lots of changes for its EHF EURO 20 20. Along with the increased number of clubs, playing groups and match days, the last weekend will probably be played over three days for the first time. The decoration game will be in a football stadium, Stockholm’s Tele2 Arena, that has capacity for 20,000 spectators.


Extra information on the adult males ’s EHF EURO 20 20, including where to buy tickets, may be seen on the official website.



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