Although outfit formerly called emerged in experimenting with a brand new auto, technical manager Andy Green noticed there are a range of changes in front of their initial round of this growing season. The team arrived in with multiple new parts because it seeks to create ground within the midfield battle.

With greater financial backing after ’s takeover, team principal has indicated that the team can now afford to bring upgrades to “every race”.

Sergio Perez, Racing Point RP19

, swaying Point RP19

This links up between your primary bargeboard panel and the re-profiled sidepod-mounted pieces, assisting with sending tidy airflow across the back of the sidepods.

Those re-profiled bargeboard elements appear to be more pragmatic in turning air across the side of the car, using its trailing edge appearing sooner down-stream to bring the very best piece into playwith.

Racing Point RP19


Photo by: Erik Junius

The mirrors have also been overhauled, featuring a more aggressive twin-mounting compared to that found in analyzing. Doubling-up as farther leak conditioners, all these help to enforce a cleaner passing of airflow throughout the sidepods with greater energy.

At the top of the engine cover also offers a little winglet supporting the T-cam, inducing stream and about the shark fin.

With a large top inlet, the discard wake can produce a large bulk of turbulence prior to the back wing – ergo the winglet diverts it towards the shark fin, where it can be ironed out and boosts the performance of the back of the car.

The team has also taken advantage of a loop hole from the brake duct regulations, bringing the surface towards the wheel to bring a little slot and turning fin to tidy up the airflow shed under spinning.

Sergio Perez, Racing Point RP19

, swaying Point RP19

Photo by: Dirk Klynsmith / / Sutton Images