The Bangladesh team have escaped a fatal shooting in a mosque at Christchurch, which left 30 people dead.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said 10 more people were killed in a shooting another mosque from the metropolis, while 20 are seriously hurt.

The Bangladesh team arrived in the Al Noor mosque, close to the Hagley Oval – that the place of Saturday’s now cancelled third Exam – once the shooting started.

“Entire team got rescued from active shooters,” tweeted batsman Tamim Iqbal.

Wicketkeeper batsman Mushfiqur Rahim tweeted:”we janin extremely lucky. . .never want to find this things happen again.”

Bangladesh states that the team are”back in the hotel”.

Mohammed Isam, the Bangladesh correspondent for , told the BBC that he was using the players During their shooting.

“I saw them get out of this parking lot, over five minutes one of the players [Iqbal] called me for help – he said save us, we are in big trouble some one is shooting” Said Isamsaid

“I didn’t take him seriously at first however his voice was breaking up and I just ran to it. I tried to conduct all the way and I received a lift out of somebody else and I realized that this episode.

“I strove to control towards the crew bus, which I saw from roughly 100 yards, I thought go close to what was happening, there was live shooting going on in that time, there was fire – I saw you dead person and one person running towards me with a bloodied shoulder.

“By the time I got near to the playground, the players had disembarked from the bus, these were running towards me and just telling me to escape from there.

“We ran throughout the park and led back to the ground to safety and were there for about an hour”

He added:”The players were wearing down, they’d seen much too much at the 15 minutes they were held in the bus, so there was no security because it is such a peaceful country.”

“The players heard shots being fired, they saw people tumbling from the gates and ducked under the bus”

IE]>Map of the location of the shootings

“We’ve cancelled the match,” said New Zealand chief executive David White. “I’ve talked to my counterpart in Bangladesh – we all agree it’s improper to engage in currently.

“Both teams have been deeply affected. As a country, we are going to need to look at [security of visiting teams]. It seemed to be a refuge. I am convinced all New Zealand will take a look at their approach”