Widely criticized for sitting out last season and overplaying his hand since he entered free agency, running Le’Veon Bell maintained Thursday night he does not have any doubts, stating he pitched”a gorgeous deal” with the New York Jets.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers celebrity signed a four-year, $52.5 million contract, adding $25 million guaranteed signing.

“I really don’t regret something that had happened,” Bell said to the conference call with colleagues. “Everything’s happened for a reason. Who is able to say that basically played this past year, you understand, if I really do go out and play year on a one-year franchise tag, when I actually really do have hurt, do I wind up sitting in this position now, being with all the to a gorgeous thing?”

Bell also indicated huge workload with all the Steelers might have hurt his market value, saying,”Who is to say a team could take me later 400 carries?”

He wouldn’t have faced that situation when he’d accepted the Steelers’ longterm deal, a reported $70 million over five decades. That proposal included $33 million in the first two decades and $20.5 million guaranteed in the very first calendar year.

An overview of Bell’s contract with the Jets shows he’ll be earning less money what he could have had in Pittsburgh. He’ll make $14.5 million in the first calendar year, including an $8 million signing bonus.

Industry for Bell was not as robust as many expected. Ultimately, it came down to the Jets and San Francisco 49ers. His $13.1 million-a-year average ranks 2nd among running backs, supporting ($14.4 million).

Speaking publicly for the first time as the conclusion of the year, the Bell struck an upbeat tone, declining to discuss the Steelers and their latest commerce of Antonio Brown. He said the calendar year off from football has been doing wonders for his body.

“I have been playing football since the age of 4 years of age, each and every year,” he said. “the very fact that I took last year off — it sucked having to watch football – but at the exact same time, from the end of December through January and February, it’s how my body has felt in my own life. There is nothing that comes close or compares to how I feel, literally simply napping and letting my body heal. … I’ve got so much constructed in me that it’s time to let it go now.”

Bell, 27, wouldn’t say what he weighs, but he pledged to maintain football shape by the beginning of season.

He wants to be Darnold’s”security blanket” on this field. Bell also awakened security Jamal Adams for his non-stop recruitment.

“He was on my own lineup steady, you know, pulling up, pulling metexting mepersonally, begging me,” Insta-gram, everything he could to get me ,” Bell stated. “Only for him to reach out to me personally and matters like this, it meant everything in the world to me personally, that some one wants me much, which a team wants me much. I am happy to be here. He’s definitely a huge part. He made this happen. Got to give him lots of credit.”

Bell said”all the stars kind of aligned to the Jets,” adding that they were his favorite team growing up in Ohio. His favorite player was running back Curtis Martin, a Hall of Famer.

Bell laughed off an opinion he made this past year to TMZ, the one about how he’d not require a $100 million to play with for the Jets.

“This was just me on Twitter and TMZ, talking,” he said. “That’s all that was. You realize, I am happy where I am. The situation I am in at this time, I’d not change it for anything in the world.”