METAIRIE, La. — Of course Teddy Bridgewater took some the time to take into account the Miami Dolphins in free service this week.

To begin with, is his own hometown. For a different, these were the only team with a starting quarterback vacancy.

But was enough to lure Bridgewater away from the New Orleans Saints, who made quite an impression on the 26-year-old quarterback after acquiring him in a trade late last August.

“I told my agents everytime that I spoke for them which I haven’t stopped grinning since I arrived,” said Bridgewater, who signed a one-year, $7.25 million contract worth up to $12.5 million with incentives even though this means spending one more year as a copy behind Drew Brees.

“They left playing football fun, they left learning the game fun… and that is something I appreciate,” Bridgewater told WWL Radio. “I managed to be part of the for 18 weeks last season, also it was only positive things that occurred.”

Bridgewater further explained to a conference call Friday that he did make time to look at the Dolphins — adding a stop by at their practice facility on Wednesday — as”that you do not want to close all doors right a way.” But he said he had a very good idea all along that he needed to remain in New Orleans.

“I think like me, you ultimately play with this particular game to compete also to get started. But at exactly the exact same time, I am still 26 years of age. And how I look at it’s that I will have another chance to start in this league sooner or later,” explained Bridgewater, who began his career as a first-round draft pick along with starter with the Minnesota Vikings from 2014 2015 before a devastating knee injury during summer of 2016 sidetracked his career.

“So I view it as this year I obtain the opportunity to continue to learn from a guy who’s gont become considered a Hall of Famer. And I become a part of a team which was a call from becoming to the superbowl. And I get to make use of a coaching staff that grinds on a daily basis, which spends numerous nights in the center to be certain their players are in the best places to win. I consider those matters, and I educate myself’Hey this is precisely what I play with this match for. And eventually my time will come that I can start.'”

Bridgewater missed nearly two full seasons before signing with the New York Jets last summer and demonstrating he was healthy during the preseason.

But he explained just as far as he would like to be a beginner again,”you do not h to rush into any situation where you might fundamentally or potentially return again to where you stand today.”

“I have always been taught that patience is the key, also for me it’s about longevity,” Bridgewater said. “My mom always told me that the first shall be last, and the last shall be original. I have that mindset that all will continue to work within my favor.”

Bridgewater failed to directly say anything negative about the Dolphins’ roster or chance to compete.

“I wanted to come to a decision where I put myself at the best situation to triumph as a man and as a person in this league,” said Bridgewater, who said his year with the Saints was different than anything he’d experienced previously.

“It’s different,” Bridgewater said. “Only to be in a room where everybody was on precisely the identical page, by the top coach to the offensive coordinator to the quarterback coach to the beginning listened to all the other quarterbacks in the area, to be a part of the also to observe how it’s run, just how the well-oiled machine operates, it was great to experience that. And I am excited about the past year also.”

Bridgewater also didn’t say that he was given any assurances of a near future starting occupation whenever Brees retires. He explained the most important focus of his conversation with all the Saints was about this past year and how they are able to return in position to get a superbowl.

And it’s clear the Payton was impressed with Bridgewater therefore much better.

’s Dianna Russini said she asked Payton at the scouting combine that appeared he was moving after, comprehending that the 40-year-old Brees’ career may be over so on. And she said Payton responded,”I’ve my guy.

The Saints exchanged a third-round draft pick to the Jets last August for Bridgewater and a sixth-round pick — both because they wanted to enhance their backup QB situation and simply since they hed to both evaluate and recruit Bridgewater as a potential long-term alternative.

Up to now, that investment seems to have paid off. But, Brees and Bridgewater are both scheduled to become free agents after this season. So there will be more decisions to come in this time .


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