As well as chassis and engine guideline varies, F1 and world governing body the work on a revamp that include amending the financial distribution between the teams, the price of competition and the government of this tournament.

Certainly one of the first targets, to attract a fresh engine manufacturer, is forecast to be overlooked.

But when asked by if the 2021 changes will be enough to tempt fresh participants, F1 CEO Chase Carey said that there potentially”real interest” when F1 is equipped to”supply a framework from a competitive and business model perspective is appealing in their mind”.

“It is among our strategic objectives, you want to get the sport more attractive to potential new entrants,” said Carey.

“It is definitely an objective from the 2021 regulations. We have got to solidify those principles to have those discussions.

“We have had, more on the teams side than the other hand, a number of potential new entrants that expressed interest and enthusiasm if currently a structure that they presume makes it to be something that they can enter more constructively.”

F1’s current teams have been put to finally be formally offered a full framework for its 2021 rules at a Strategy Group meeting later this month.

Carey said that rule-set would pave the way for further discussions with fresh entrants.

Assessing the same question, president Jean Todt said he would”love” to have brand new clubs, also wants that the power to rise from 10 two-car entries to 1 2.

F1 has perhaps not had a 12-team grid since HRT vanished after the 2012 season.

“F1 must have 12 teams but of course it’d present a issue, because in the event you’ve got 12 teams with certain revenues to distribute, those could have to get less income,” said Todt.

“They would not be happy. However, that’s what F1 ought to be.  Saying that, it’s much better to have 10 strong teams, that’s the case.”

Engine manufacturers unwilling to join

Todt admitted last summer that the bid to find a new engine manufacturer was unlikely to succeed for 2021.

Carey said f 1 was happy to have a”strong human body” of four engine providers but was always open to more, but that has effectively been eliminated in the shortterm.

Todt said locating a fresh engine manufacturer right as 2021 could”probably be difficult”.

“It is something we have been talking with a great deal of engine manufacturing company and we failed to find some of them really keen to be committed on short-lived and short,” he explained.


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