Consider this Boston Bruins.

Consider this standard-bearers for this organization in the last several decades. There’s Brad Marchand, with his antics along with his goal scoring. There’s Tuukka Rask, who’s either maligned or cherished, depending on the calendar month. There’s the future wave of Bruins celebrities like David Pastrnak, their vibrant young winger, along with Charlie McAvoy, their 21-year-old defenseman.

Perhaps it’s because he’s a center playing in Bergeron’s darkness, or because people do not pile praise on middle men who have struck 70 points only once in their careers and earn $7.25 million from the cap, making Krejci the team’s highest-paid forwards.

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Yet Krejci has had a regular gig with the Bruins for 13 seasons. In 839 matches played, he’s simply 2 1 appearances from breaking the top 10 for the Bruins in this category. This season’s been exemplary for him, with a 0.86 points-per-game average thanks in part to 41 assists. That he has been so effective as being a play maker with the parade of different wingers on his lineup — Krejci’s seen more Bruins in 2013 than an admissions officer at UCLA — is equally exemplary.

We caught up with Krejci recently to explore the team’s success this year, his countrymen as well as the birth of the son.

: Congratulations for you and your wife, Naomi, on the arrival of one’s kid back in January. I am aware that it’s the next child after already having a girl, so are things that a little easier this time?

David Krejci: It is fun having two, one of every, however at this stage he does not really do much. Our daughter will be 4 at the summer.

: Was it tougher this time with the delivery throughout the summer, instead of the off season?

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Krejci: It was a little bit different. But really harder on my partner. Evidently, by the conclusion of the season, you have lots of open time. This time around, she has a newborn and a 3½-year old at home. It’s definitely challenging… I don’t know how the ladies do it. I decide to attempt to assist, try to be there for her on the highway. She deserves so much credit. I like returning home to see them when I’m traveling. Do not wait to have back home.

: There are those fantasies for the Bruins this year, however, it appears you guys are secured to a matchup with the Toronto Maple Leafs. That is arguably the second and third best teams at the conference meeting at the very first round. Does that format bother you?

Krejci: Maybe when they started this format many years ago, it failed. However now we’ve accepted it. If you would like to get the Cup, then you have to beat the best teams. Therefore at the end of your afternoon, the format does not really matter. Maybe down the road that they could change the structure again. We’ll see. At the moment, we have to focus with thisparticular, secure home-ice advantage. It seems like Toronto, however, who knows? We’ve got a couple games left here.

: Up as the season moves, you’ve managed to put up the top offensive amounts of one’s career while playing with an estimated throw of linemates, from Jake DeBrusk into Brad Marchand into Charlie Coyle. Just how do you handle that absence of consistency on your own lineup?

Krejci: For me, nothing really changes much. Obviously with different players, the chemistry is not always there, and that means you have to reevaluate your match, which I have had to do recently. However, I just have to prepare, play my A-game and attempt to help my teammates out. When I play well, I make my linemates better.

: Among those players you had on your line temporarily in 2013 had been David Pastrnak, and that I had been curious about your connection with him, as a fellow Czech.

Krejci: He is a wonderful friend of mine, and a excellent player. Evidently, speaking the identical language always helps. Often there is someone you can speak to when something is in mind. However he gets along with everybody on your team. His English was good after playing two years in Sweden. Only a wonderful kid.

: You called him a”kid.” Friends?

Krejci: I presume we’re only friends. Maybe when he came and he was 18, I had been a huge brother as I showed him the ropes. But he’s among those leaders of this team now, though he’s 23 yrs of age. At this time , I wouldn’t say it’s perhaps maybe not father and son or anything such as that. We’re just friends, enjoying eachother’s company on and off the ice.

: He is a bit of a goofball.

Krejci: He is different. Absolutely lots of energy in him, which is interesting to be around. He brings out the kid in you.

: Speaking of goofy stuff, what exactly was it like last year when your former team mate Johnny Boychuk, now with the Islanders, came back a tooth you had lost on the ice into the Bruins’ bench?

Those teeth had been already fake. I couldn’t put them back in. So I had to go to the dentist for a couple hours, which was not enjoyable. Johnny’s a good friend of mine, so that I appreciated the gesture. However, I had to find new tooth. After which the couple of weeks later in San Jose, ” I got them pumped out about that which was an innocent drama. I found them onto the ice hockey, the ref gave me and that I put them back in.

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Can you believe he’s still playing professionally?

It’s pretty astonishing. I know he hasn’t played this season because of trauma, but he’s playing with Kladno at the next division and trying to put them back in the first, in the upper tiers. They have to win yet another play off match, and they then have a shot at moving up again. I played for them one year before heading into junior in . Clearly, I h them the very best. The city’s nice.

: Why did it mean for you to play with with Jagr at ?

Krejci: Clearly , it had been amazing, and moving all of the way into the Cup Final was pretty special. We were really close: 1 match away out of a game title . When we had won, to observe with a person like [Jagr] might have been phenomenal. Maybe we could have shared our day with the Cup. This was definitely something that I had been thinking about when we were at the Closing, but regrettably it didn’t happen. Growing up, everything you heard and saw was Jagr. All of the was merely him. Therefore that it was awesome to be able to skate .


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