Lost in the great number of storylines developing of UFC 235, one may possibly have missed the development of a fresh top-10 competition at 135 lbs.

The 29-year-old Michigan native now sits in No. 10 on this list.

But instead than crow regarding his steady rise up the graphs (Stamann wasn’t aware of his fresh standing when he recently spoke to MMA Fighting),” Stamann, 29, lamented how light action his bout by Perez was relative from exactly what he expected starting the matchup. “Turbo” was unbeaten in his last six fights until 235 and Stamann regrets not pushing the pace greater.

Making the problem worse is that even though Stamann got the triumph, the most memorable moment of this struggle may have already been when Perez scooped Stamann up at the next round and almost dropped him right onto his head. It had been the very last thing that Stamann, a proud wrestler, likely to happen.

“He picked me up within their own head, I had been way up there,” Stamann explained. “I landed pretty gracefully thoughI tucked and wrapped plus it didn’t hurt whatsoever. I was embarrassed and pissed that I got taken down. ”

The movement didn’t cause Stamann any substantial damage as well as in actuality he said he’s healthy as he’s ever been coming out of a struggle. That’s why he’s already planning his next booking, targeting UFC 238 on June 8 at Chicago or even 239 on July 6 at Las Vegas (at which Stamann has fought four times to get the ).

He’therefore won four of his five fights in the , together with broken decision wins veteran Bryan Caraway and French prospect Tom Duquesnoy, however sees himself needing to put in a lot more work to be considered a serious competition.

“Everyone covers, wow, I’m a couple of fights from the title taken, I still only have five fights. I feel like that ’s more that I want to do. I do believe that I’m like four or three wins from the title taken. There’S-A pecking order and I haven’t punched that ticket yet. I haven’t ever already really been noticed on the Egyptian of MMA to get bantamweights yet and I think it’s just about me chipping away at it.

“my next fight, I want to fight a man like Ricky Simon or Thomas Almeida, these guys 10 15 and then after that I would like to really go after having a No. 5 guy, I want to really go overcome a rival. After which I think I’theres one more struggle out from this name. ”

Still another name that has been brought upto Stamann on more than 1 occasion is rising star Sean O’Malley. But, Stamann doesn’t h to waste his time chasing this struggle, saying, ‘This kid’s got a lifejacket on,’ also that officials wouldn’t h to risk setting O’Malley at the Octagon together with him.

Everything Stamann wants the maximum is some thing he’s got control and that’s becoming a definitive finish, he hasn’t finished since his last struggle before enrolling up with the two decades ago.

“” I feel as this ’s just what I need. I think I could scratch wins against most of these guys and I think that’therefore why I had been frustrated contrary to Perez, because I was ready to counter him put him to sleep, but you can’t counter a guy that’therefore perhaps maybe not throwing. The triumph wasn’t all I had in that struggle, I felt like I wanted a finish, when it was I really wasn’t that thrilled by how it all went .

“Moving forward, 100 percent want to struggle a guy that’s gonna take it, that’s gont come following me, that’s maybe not super meticulous. If you take a look at the very top fivetop six guys, these guys never have two and finished, they all struggle pretty safe and sound. Everyone’therefore kind of fighting quite safe because they’re holding onto that name prospect. If you see the fights whenever they struggle a guy that’therefore ranked less than them, they struggle extremely safe, they just border rounds outside. And I don’t need anymore fights like that. That’s gont get me fan fame, that’therefore perhaps maybe not gont get me where I would like to be inside this sport as an athlete. ”


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