The F1 paddock was abandoned in shock prior to the later Whiting passed out in early hours of Thursday afternoon since the result of a pulmonary embolism.

Todt said that the has put in place”emergency” measures for its Melbourne weekend, with Australian Michael Masi stepping into as f 1 race director, while its headquarters at Geneva figure out how to move forward.

In addition to being f 1 race manager, Whiting fulfilled a range of roles for example single-seater safety, circuit safety and technical matters.

It is uncertain if the will pick 1 individual can take total Whiting’therefore obligations, or in the event the roles will likely be divided up between several individuals.

“Actually I got a phone call very early, I was in Tasmania when a doctor called me personally to inform me he was adjacent to Charlie, that didn’t wakeup.

“So we didn’t need a strategy to possess a separate organisation. But today we’re faced with this particular emergency situation to the weekend we’re getting to own one emergency intend to be able to deliver a fantastic job.

“We are going to work very closely with the F1 teams and we have started to presume. Our team in Geneva is attempting to see what are going to implement to your future. ”

As the hasn’t yet chosen what it is going to do post-Whiting, Todt stated that a series plan had been worked before.

“the ongoing future of the f 1 section is something we touched for quite a while, for example with Charlie, as we knew he was not going to own this position forever,” included Todt.

“So we’re working and thinking about a prospective plan, and unfortunately we’ll need to implement that sooner than what we hope. However we’ll do the job for it. ”

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