HOUSTON — Golden State Warriors forward D Raymond Green believes fans cross the line”often” when working with all players, also he doesn’t think it will progress so long as the continues to fine players for defending themselves.

Green’s comments came in the wake of an episode during Monday’s match involving the Oklahoma City Thunder and also the Utah Jazz where Thunder guard Russell Westbrook and also a fan exchanged phrases.

When asked how usually fans cross the line of proper conduct, Green was quick with an answer. “A lot. It’s crazy. I guess it’s just the character of what we do. I guess. I don’t really understand why grown men get off by getting to somebody else’s occupation and saying bull****. I guess that is their way of letting out frustration in their lifetime, however it’s kind of dumb if you ask me”

Green, now in his seventh season, believes fans’ treatment of players has gotten worse as time passes.

“Because our penalties make worse,” Green explained. “So if I’m like somebody who is probably much less happy with my life and I have got an opportunity, at which I will somebody else’s place of employment also I know basically say something crazy in their mind and so they say some thing back they lose cash, and misery loves company. I presume our penalties are increased and crushed to the Earth, people could continue doing that. Because at the end of your afternoon, what do they really lose? But our families get rid of out money of the [pockets] we provide. I think so long as that happens, [fans] will last to get it done It really is what exactly is, I suppose.”

Green reiterated he doesn’t think anything will change so long as the league continues fining players such as Westbrook for defending themselves.

“Like I said, I think so long as the league continues to fine players for saying back something when there are people completely disrespecting [them]it will always happen,” Green explained.


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