The preliminary round of both the junior and childhood versions of the 20-19 IHF Women’s Trophy Africa – Zone V championship performed yesterday with all the 58 Placement Round starting today (15 March) ahead of the semi finals after which final round on Friday (16) and Saturday (17), when the tournament finishes.


Hosts Tanzania (TAN), Burundi (BDI), Djibouti (DJI), Ethiopia (ETH), Kenya (KEN), Rwanda (RWA), Sudan (SUD) and Uganda (UGA) have clubs competing in either the youth and junior competitions.


In the childhood competition, Kenya won preliminary set A with three wins out of three, also scoring a joint 108 goals within their wins against Uganda, Tanzania and Sudan. Uganda ended 2nd at the group together with two wins from their three matches as the hosts ended next, with two things — a win against bottom-placed Sudan, who lost three of their games. Groupb saw Ethiopia finish top, before Rwanda at minute, Burundi and Djibouti.


For its junior teams, Uganda were dominant in category B, scoring 116 goals within their own wins against Djibouti, Burundi and Sudan, to finish on six points, followed closely by Burundi, Djibouti and Sudan. Group A was acquired by Kenya by Rwanda completing in 2nd, followed closely by Ethiopia and home state Tanzania.


The Semifinals begin tomorrow (16 March) with Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda contesting Those at the childhood competition along with Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi at the junior competition.


To Find out More concerning the new structure of the IHF Trophy click HERE.


Match Program: 20-19 IHF Women’s Trophy Africa – Zone V championship

All game days and times subject to change

Friday 15 March

All games at Mnazimmoja

Youth Competition

15:30    Placement Round 58: TAN vs DJI

17:00    Placement Round 58: BDI vs SUD


15:30    Placement Round 58: ETH vs SUD

17:00    Placement Round 58: DJI vs TAN



Youth Competition

14:00    7 8 Placement Match

16:00    56 Placement Match

18:00    Semi-Final Inch

20:00    Semi-Final two


14:00    7 8 Placement Match

16:00    56 Placement Match

18:00    Semi-Final Inch

20:00    Semi-Final two



Youth Competition

18:00    Goldmedal Match


16:00    Bronze Medal Match

20:00    Goldmedal Match



Tuesday 1-2 March


Youth Competition

DJI vs ETH       3:52 (1:25)

BDI vs R WA       12:17 (7:5)

TAN vs SUD     48:3 (30:0)


Wednesday 1-3 March


Youth Competition

KEN vs UGA     29:9 (14:3)

RWA vs DJI      56:13 (29:6)

UGA vs TAN     41:11 (25:5)

ETH vs BDI       14:13 (10:5)


KEN vs ETH      26:12 (14:4)

TAN vs R WA      14:28 (4:14)

DJI vs UGA       9:39 (4:21)

BDI vs SUD      29:1 (14:1)

ETH vs TAN      23:14 (13:7)


Thursday 14 March


Youth Competition

SUD vs KEN     2:56 (2:30)

RWA vs ETH     14:20 (8:9)

KEN vs TAN      23:8 (12:3)

SUD vs UGA     3:51 (1:24)

DJI vs BDI        3:18 (0:10)


Junior Competition

RWA vs KEN    15:28 (8:15)

KEN vs TAN      40:19 (19:11)

RWA vs ETH     21:17 (12:8)

SUD vs DJI       6:34 (3:17)

UGA vs BDI      28:10 (19:4)

DJI vs BDI        7:10 (5:3)

SUD vs UGA     1:49 (0:21)




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