“Tell me about it, man… I missed this so much. ”

A heavy-breathing Priscila Cachoeira replies the phone moments after finishing her last training session of the day. It is her first semester of 2019 at Parana Vale Tudo at Niteroi, , also she has a smile on her face. After a turbulent year at 2018, she’s finally inching closer to being 100-percent healthy , also is dedicated to her next battle from the Octagon.

Cachoeira is remembered as the unlucky girl who got destroyed by Valentina Shevchenko in the co-main event of Belem at February 2018. It had been Cachoeira’s debut, made against a competition regarded as the future champion in the branch, plus it went much worse than most anticipated.

To complicate things, “Pedrita” suffered a bad knee injury only minutes to the fight, which forced her to have operation and stay sidelined for almost a year. Now, on March 16, Cachoeira finally makes her come back to actions against former Cage Warriors champion Molly McCann at London, yet the ian flyweight questioned whether she would ever be able to compete one more time.

Cachoeira had operation after her debut.

”I thought that I wouldn’t even be able to fight ,” Cachoeira explained. “Plenty of things go through your head following a loss that way and also a critical accident. A doctor that did the operation guaranteed that I will return, however that I [panicked] emotionally, I had been fearful.

”You’re scared, you wonder if your knee will be good back,” she lasted. “I had been fighting one fight after another in and , boom, my life stopped. This ’s odd. I really wondered when I would be able to fight again due to the harm, however that’s a dark cloud came and went. I’ll put on a wonderful show and reveal the true ‘Pedrita. ’”

Cachoeira slowly built her confidence every single day after leaving the gym after practice. Her knee is 95-percent today, she says, but will be perfect when the time comes.

The accident wasn’t the sole difficulty she had to manage over the past several months, though.

The PRVT fighter made her MMA debut in June 2016 and won eight in a row over the next 15 months to generate a contract with the . She wasn’t even getting paid a whole lot of money in the regional circuit, however it had been enough to make ends meet most of the time. The Belem pay had more zeros than all her prior purses combined, but that didn’t last too long in her banking accounts.

”I went through difficulties because I had no control, actually,” Cachoeira explained. “When inferior individuals find a great deal of moneythey go to the mall and start spending it. It had been good because I learned a lesson. You have to make mistakes to master lessons. My master always explained what to do and just how to do, but that I didn’t even listen. As soon as I received the money I started spending and [by the time] I realizedit was really gone. ”

Cachoeira had a wonderful support from ian football team Vasco da Gama, which provided her physical therapy on her injured knee along with sponsorship money that may last until fight night. She describes the relationship as a ldquo;blessing,” the one that made it possible to pay bills after she burned through most her dollars.

”Can you really want know? ” Cachoeira said with a laugh when asked how long the currency lasted. “3 months. ”

Cachoeira says she “not needed that much money in my bank accounts before,” nevertheless had plenty of bills to pay when she returned from Belem. With bills paid and not much abandoned, her girl friend at that time wound up paying the remainder.

”You also provide your kid’s school, you have to help your mom… and an out-of-control partner,” Cachoeira explained. “I experienced a woman that only wouldn’t help mepersonally, but master (Gilliard) Parana opened my eyes and I realized she wasn’t advantageous to me.

”This ’s where in fact the absence of control came out,” she lasted. “I had some one that took the money and spent like mad. I had operation and couldn’t even leave home and that I had been going to the mall with my credit card. When she came back, I had R$ 4,000, R$ 5,000 less in my banking accounts. ”

The ian flyweight, 8-1 in mixed martial arts,” says she learned a huge lesson in 2018 to be more intelligent about her own finances. She ’s preparing to fly to London on the first overseas bout against a “better matchup” at McCann.

”She’s an athlete who’s at my degree,” Cachoeira explained. “We’ve similar recordswe both lost our debuts in the , and it’s going to be a war as we both want win. We’r e at the exact same level. My master stated that coming from an accident, being well-trained and focused, we could attain this, however it’s me. ”

Cachoeira considers she could beat Shevchenko.

Always very frank in interviews, Cachoeira admits that Shevchenko was a terrible competition because of the Octagon debut. That doesn’t mean she wouldn’t even be compared to a rematch against Shevchenko down the line, though.

”Appearance it’s nothing like that I wasn’t Valentina’therefore degree,” Cachoeira explained. “I always consider myself willing to fight anyone. Technically speaking, Valentina was far superior than me. I knew that it had been a fight that, if it went the length, Valentina would triumph because she’s very technical. Valentina has trained since she was a kid. I’Id trained for five or four years. We’ve got different fighting styles. Valentina is still technical. I’m competitive, a brawler.

”My possibility of winning this fight has been a monster and linking a [hard punch], and she knew that. She didn’t even endure to trade . She detected my knee accident and also used that chance to carry down me. She wouldn’t hazard standing with some one who was arriving off knock outs.

”I’ll keep coming back to fighting, fight Valentina again and again this time, injury-free, that the victory will soon come as my hand will relate,” Cachoeira promised. “However not yet. I’ll work up my way, focus on evolving and keep coming back a much better fighter. ”