Against Pickney, Lindsey managed to get an initial round submission success, and it has since followed that up with a second round submission conquer Pat Pytlik in Unified MMA on March 1.

“This is no sympathy to Pat or anyone else, but not everyone gets the very best performance from the cage, but that I ’d state like a six or seven out of 10 for me personally,” Lindsey told “In the first round I had been kind of heating up and took a couple of shots I probably shouldn’t need, so (with that at heart ) maybe a seven out of 10 over all.

“I think the struggle before mine some man shattered in to the doorway and shattered the door so no one could go in or out, so that I sat there about 45 minutes plus it kind of cooled me down a little bit. So that the first round I kind of had a warm-up around, however, the second round went pretty much how I thought it was going to go. ”

To Lindsey his performances in his last two coicts came later he rededicated himself MMA after having a couple of years of admittedly not as driven times as he possibly has been.

“Since I abandoned the (at 2015) I harbor ’t been training, I’ve ever been doing different things, and the struggles I’t virtually taken to a few weeks’ note,” said Lindseysaid

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“The previous two that I treated the same as a project and return in training and had a full camp together with scheduling and had everything kind of put into place. It all showed and made a big advancement in my struggles. ”

Now he’s back on the right course both in terms of his motivation and in the cage,” Lindsey is seeking to help get the push to contact the in any way he can within the next year.

“In case anyone drops out from this , I’ll get prepared to roll up,” Lindsey said. “I’m like where I’m performance-e right now, every thing seems just like its own revitalized.

“I really would like to contact this . This ’s partially why I didn’t retire either. It’therefore not like I had been finished with the game at all, I really enjoy training and that I ’m at the best shape I’ve ever been in, I just need to get in there and get the ones W’s.”


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