MotoE lost all 18 bicycles it’d prepared for its 2019 season, as the temporary construction these were stored inside burned at the Jerez paddock on Wednesday evening.

In a short statement issued Friday, the series revealed that the fire started as due to a short circuit, a loop of electric components which leads to extreme amount of current and consequently heat. The fire then spread into the flammable ion battery.

“The source of the brief circuit has not yet been understood however, once the flame broke out, it ignited the high-density battery which is an element of the high energy charger used at MotoE events.

“The motorbikes weren’t linked to this charging infrastructure during precisely the time that the flame “

The 2019 MotoE season has been set to start at Jerez on May 5, however that round was cancelled after the incident.

Alternatively, the new series is now very likely to commence in lemans fourteen days after Jerez, accompanied by further rounds at the Sachsenring, , Misano along with also an as-yet unconfirmed fifth spot.


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