The n lost time at the day session when struggled to make him comfortable with his straps.

“We were somewhat delayed becoming out for both conducts — just a couple of little things with the straps,” said the n, that wound up overall in 2nd free practice.

“It was actually strange, as they were really loose. They then left a small adjustment and so they couldn’t actually tighten them. It’s similar to the adjustments were outside. We’ll figure out that.

“We could’ve a couple more laps in both conducts in the long run we all did what we had to. I mightn’t state it had been down to your lack of trail time, it had been just figuring out exactly what to accomplish.

“This is a tough circuit thus exercising the things to sacrifice ride , to choose the kerbs along with the lumps well or become competitive to get the maximum downforce outside of the car.”

said he had been happy with the short run pace of his , but said that his longer conducts weren’t too encouraging.

However, with team mate having looked stronger on this front, he had been far away from concerned.

“It is hard to learn,” added . “The short run by the end was fine. The long runs perhaps not too good.

“There was quite a lot to learn with the automobile but probably some strategies to place it up a few tricks here or there. Nico clearly includes somewhat more knowledge with this I just need to try to understand somewhat of the direction too.

“For now probably I will learn a couple of things out of him and, as time goes on, hopefully he will learn a couple things from me.

“However, I believe that the automobile does not look too awful for now. His longrun looked better than mine and quite impressive, therefore that is positive”

Asked about his expectations for Saturday, said:”If both cars can be in the upper seven or high eight that would be quite a very good start to this season.

“However, you look at the field and it is somewhat strange. You Find that the and the RedBull in the front, and I hope to get up there anymore. I actually don’t know if they had some problems that this day or were conducting high fuel or they are just not fast. However, it is crazy around here.

“You visit Kimi [Raikkonen] was around in something or fifth, therefore it goes to be rather close to morrow becoming that lap, getting a fresh lap. It could change three or four spots just a couple of tenths.”