Wales are more poised to maintain the Grand Slam. Ireland and England stay from the title race. A World Cup Coming.

The stage is set for an amazing finale to the 20-19 Six Nations, with three teams still in the running for its name.

France and Italy kick off Super Saturday until Wales host defending winners Ireland to get a shot at the Grand Slam – a match you are able to watch live on BBC One (from 14:00 GMT) – and England take on Scotland from the previous game of this tournament.

And is there ever a dead rubber from the Six Nations? BBC Radio 5 Live pundits show all…

Former Wales international : Whether you go to a cafe or a pub, everybody is talking about the overall game. The expectation is building and it’s really going to become a wild afternoon. Wales cannot under estimate Ireland because this will be the toughest game for them. Defensively, it will be interesting to learn how Ireland will playwith. Wales have not hit their straps in their attacking play home advantage will help.

They hang in during games. It’s not really just a perfect Welsh side however they are rather tricky to be at and that’s demonstrated in their final ditch defence. Scotland looked to be over so many times weekly, but they fight to the end. If you examine a try against Wales you deserve it. I thought Wales are the game Ireland would lose ahead of this championship and it’s really only a Sixday turnaround. There’s still fragility from Ireland’s renaissance.

Former England flyhalf Paul Grayson: With the employees Wales’ve got and the way they make changesthey have been several team and they understand just how to manage games.

Can Ireland trigger an upset?

Johnny Sexton

Former England scrum-half Matt Dawson: Everybody has written Ireland off however there were seconds contrary to France where I thought that exactly the same operation in Cardiff could apply a great deal of tension when the hosts have not procured the Grand Slam with 15 minutes to go. There are a number of emotional stories as well as it being captain Rory Best and trainer ’s past Six Nations game.

Horgan: there’s unquestionably more confidence within the Irish pub and it has turned into a good recovery after a challenging start to this Six Nations. Are they confident enough to beat Wales? I’m not sure, however, their operation against France was miles better than anything else they have achieved in this tournament. These certainly were awful contrary to Italy and also we were waiting to the reaction from the England defeat, however it finally came past week. Ireland have proceeded on and they have discovered how England and Wales allow us their fighting match and they are presently kicking from 1 3. Ireland need to keep away the ball from Liam . was the find of this championship but has mastered the backfield and the way he transforms from defence to attack is actually a real tool.

The Gatland impact

Davies: ’s hunger for its win on Saturday will flow throughout the Welsh squad but all the attention will be about the game. Forget about the bye byes and where folks will go, it will be about nailing it together for the past moment.

I’m trying hard to think about anybody from the northern hemisphere, certainly in the contemporary age, that compares. Having undergone Warren being a trainer, there isn’t any wonder. He is extremely good on / off the field and he takes time to know his players, and that’s exactly why he’s got the best out of them. It’s been really vital with the Lions. He is a bright guy and I really don’t understand whether it will soon be carried out in Wales again or not.

Horgan: in front of this championship, Gatland said should they beat France they would secure the Grand Slam. How many different coaches could say ? Is there anybody better in putting the team up for good results? Yesit’s all about the players on the afternoon, however the mentality is obscured from the trainer.

Grayson: His pedigree concerning man-management is second to none he is believable if he says Wales can get the Grand Slam once they’d beaten France.

Could Scotland win in Twickenham?

Grayson: I don’t think Scotland’ve given their all in any game. There have been pockets in games where they haven’t been present and when the cupboard is bare you be prepared you’ll see more. I actually don’t think that they’ll win at Twickenham however I want to watch them in their knees without being ready to offer more. It generally does not need to be brilliant but it has to become filled with bravery.

Davies: davies Scotland have a lot of injury issues so if Wales do not win, it’ll certainly be England’s name.

Horgan: I just do not watch Scotland winning Twickenham, I think it’s really a really good England side and I presume they will have been the best side in this championship. Wales will cherish the name due to these dogged performances, but England have had the far better performances of course if they play with their potential, they will easily conquer Scotland. Scotland must be bringing much better than they have been and it is been a terrible championship for them.

Dawson: With the way England played against France and Italy, once they get a bit of momentum, England are so tough to stop. Scotland have no , no Tommy Seymour; Finn Russell has just come back that can be good however Huw Jones has gone out in the midfield. If many teams overlook a third of these starting XV, they are planning to fight, but Hamish Watson coming straight back can really make a difference.

How should England approach the Evaluation match?

Grayson: The single side with total cushioning that are responsible for their own destiny is Wales. But with a worldcup coming, if you’re in a top and you would like to maintain it, you’ve got to do come-what-may.

Dawson: I have played games in the afternoon in which you have watched others play earlier in the afternoon and you have been required to adapt. But I don’t see how England can adapt dependent on Wales, they must win the game. If Wales win, then it must not affect the mentality only one piece and England will be fired up, needing to ruin Scotland.

Was right to shed Joe Cokanasiga?

Eddie Jones

Horgan: Jack Nowell features a great deal of credit in the bank and he’s performed well time and time again. Joe Cokanasiga performed well against Italy however has stood by Nowell and that’s just a wider message compared to having his attention by the pretty girl, so to speak. I think Joe will be in before the World Cup but I do believe it’s really a smart selection for the here and today. Nowell is so important because of the number of rucks he strikes, just how he gets over the gain line every time he gets it and how he covers the backfield.

I actually don’t see the need to acquire into the story of social media, and Jones has picked his very best team. At the moment, you’d choose a fit Jack Nowell. Close into the breakdown he’s a reckless player because he’s got phenomenal power. I have no problem with this decision.

Dawson: Jones spoke about protecting him from the media, however we are speaking about him because he is not playing, and that now there are equally too much questions because of him missing than there are when he was playing. I thought I was looking at a guy against Italy that I would want from the team to play Scotland.

Who will win the name?

Dawson: Super Saturday is my own favourite global weekend of this year but I presume Wales may well nick the Slam.

Horgan: It’s too premature to say whether Ireland have regained from the early set back contrary to England. Wales.

Grayson: I didn’t rear my instincts and started using it wrong in around one so I’m going to go with my tummy. Ireland win in Cardiff Therefore England win this name.

Davies: Home advantage might find Wales sneak it.


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