It will be the first time VAR has been used at the championship, with made its debut in the men’s World Cup last year in Russia.

No senior women’s national or international competitions use VAR.

The 27 referees and also 48 assistant referees selected for its Women’s World Cup participate in VAR training at a camp in Qatar last month.

The practice was supposed to judge whether to utilize the technology at the championship, with world football’s governing body approving its usage at a Fifa Council meeting in on Friday.

England head coach Phil Neville has previously said he’s worried about the standard of refereeing at the worldcup, adding it was”crucial” which VAR has been introduced into women’s football.

VAR is used in a few men’s domestic cup games in England and will get its introduction from the Premier League from next season.

It is being used in this season’s knock out stages, before being placed on the whole competition next year, as the , and use the system.

VAR is bound to four types of match-changing incidents – objects, penalties, directly red cards and mistaken identity.

After an incident happens, the participant informs that the VAR or will be advised by these which it requires reviewing before the referee decides to examine video footage on the side of the pitch accepts that the info from the VAR to make a decision.

There’s been criticism of the system, including that fans from the stadium don’t understand what is occuring, and also controversial incidents, such as for example Manchester United’s injury time punishment winner against Paris St Germain from the last 16 earlier this month.


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