Kansas City Chiefs star wide receiver Tyreek Hill will be investigated by police over an alleged battery life.

In a statement into the Kansas City Star, the Chiefs confessed a research into Hill is taking place.

“The club is aware of the investigation involving Tyreek Hill,” the Chiefs told the Star. “We’re in the act of gathering advice and also have experienced touch with the team and local authorities. We have no further comment at this time.”

According to a police record by the Overland Park Police Department obtained by the Star, an alleged battery took place in that a juvenile was a victim and Hill’s ncée is recorded as”others involved.” It wasn’t immediately evident what Hill’s involvement in the alleged episode was or when it took place.

Hill, 25, has not been charged, in accordance with the Star.

While at Oklahoma State, Hill has been convicted of domestic assault to an episode in which he was accused of punching and choking his girl friend. He was awarded three years of probation and ordered to undergo anger management classes.

He finished custody in 2018 along with his conviction has been dismissed.


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