Can fight back?

The pre-season favourites for many, are blown off by in the first qualifying session.

This past year, ’s tactics and ’ mistakes afforded a win for the , despite a same-sex result, and we’re yet to find out how each team performs at the real race runs, together with additional facets like tyre wear.

It’s worth remembering that even if can not compete with in race one, they fought back strongly in 2018 by taking pole position in the next three races.

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RedBull’s miscalculation of course development in Q1 triggered being the first qualifying shock of 20-19, and he’ll be starting the race out of seventeenth.

The plan for the drivers managed to perform two timed laps on the moderate tyres, advancement into Q 2, and save the soft palate for later on in the qualifying session. Both established shark laps, but Verstappen increased on his next run, and Gasly did not.

He will be desperately disappointed with this start to his career, but he’ll be hoping to scythe his way through the field and recuperate using some strongpoints.

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A Formula One debut is a huge deal for a beginner driver, however, the gravity of this event increases when the motorist has a prospect of taking points within their first Grand Prix. 

The Briton took place in qualifying, behind the cars at the midfield struggle, and he also faces a significant test to stay there in what’s predicted to be a tight struggle for its final points positions.

McLaren, and really the Formula One world, expects to see exactly how well he could manage the occasion.

Ear-marked among the better-placed midfielders after analyzing, were disappointed to not create it right into Q3.

Nico Hulkenberg and home-favourite lineup in eleventh and twelfth respectively and the team have been talking their performances on the extended race conducts. Add it to their freedom of noodle option, and so they will fancy their chances to be at the mix to get solid points.

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The Simplicity of overtaking

With remarks still split on how effective the new regulations will likely probably be for overtaking, the initial pieces of evidence are most likely to emerge from the opening race.

With all the circuit demonstrating a tough place to overtake in the last few years, it will be intriguing to learn how easily the cars can follow along.

The team needed a fairly difficult time in recovering lost ground from the 2018 race in , together with midfielders having the ability to defend their rankings easier at than at other places.

With in particular trying to advance through the field at tomorrow’s racehow much resistance could the different teams put up?

Which drivers or struggles are you going to be looking out for from the summer season opener? Leave your thoughts in the comments department.

Lando Norris, McLaren MCL34

Lando Norris, McLaren MCL34

Photo by: Andy Hone / LAT Pictures


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